For Best Results

This balm is designed to offer targeted moisture. If you find that you need or want greater coverage, pair the balm with our CBDA body cream.

Store at room temperature.

Suggested Use

A little goes a long way, and a blob about half the size of a pea is usually adequate for knuckles and hands. Start with a small amount and work your way up if you need extra moisture.

Apply topically to any dry skin or areas that need extra relief.

Not for use on lips or broken skin.

Tips And Tricks

Add to your gym bag for post-workout support.

Use on the neck and shoulders for evening relaxation and to support a better night’s sleep.

This balm contains arnica, which can also help soothe and reduce the appearance of bruises — take it hiking!

Lucid Labs

As part of our 100% Lucid Guarantee, all of our hemp-derived products are tested to ensure we meet all legal requirements and HempLucid's quality standards. Each lot is individually sampled, tested and archived, with each test result (called a Certificate of Analysis, or COA) made available publicly for your review.

Full-Spectrum CBD Body Balm - Lavender

Nothing is more relaxing than the ingredients in our balms. It’s optimized skincare for those on-the-go.

  • Lavender
  • Cedarwood
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  • Our full-spectrum CBD Body Balm - Lavender combines cocoa butter, menthol, and nutmeg oil for a tranquil, relaxing experience. Made with natural oils and beeswax, it melts into the skin, leaving a natural glow. It is great for dry areas like knuckles, elbows, and knees. This soothing balm is also:

    • Scented with calming lavender and refreshing peppermint
    • Cruelty-free
    • USA-grown and -manufactured

    Get the full spectrum of benefits by ordering a body balm today.

  • What are the benefits of using this product?
    • Our body balms are designed specifically for advanced topical application. They are also made with natural ingredients that have a history of benefiting the body. Additionally, this product contains vital nutrients like vitamin E, which is great for your skin.

    What is the difference between a balm and a cream?
    • Our CBD balms are more concentrated than our body cream. Balms typically do not contain water, but they can still provide nourishing, moisturizing results to the skin.

      This makes them great for targeted relief on the go, especially for localized areas of irritation (like elbows or knuckles).

    What kind of texture can I expect?
    • Our balms are made from a mixture of oils and essential oils, waxes, and other additives like vitamins and minerals. The texture is stiffer than a cream, but still pliable and able to mold gently to your skin. It’s got a bit of a waxy texture, making it great for quick application.

    Does this contain menthol?
    • Yes, this product contains organic menthol.

    Can I fail a drug test using a full spectrum topical?
    • Testing positive on a drug test due to topical CBD is highly unlikely. The level of THC in our products falls within the legal limit.

    Can this be used around the mouth area?
    • This product is not designed to be used on the lips (but our lip balms are!). Also use caution when applying around eyes or other sensitive areas.

    Can I use a topical and tincture at the same time?
    • This is the perfect product to pair with a tincture. While topicals are generally used for specific or targeted areas of the body, some people love to pair their topicals with daily tincture use. Since tinctures and topicals are absorbed by the body in different ways, both can be used to help you meet your body’s unique needs.

    Other questions or concerns?

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