HempLucid is a leading provider of premium full-spectrum CBD oil products and other wellness items, with hundreds of thousands of units sold in our 7 years of doing business.

Having earned USDA Organic Certification, HempLucid takes pride in being an influential example of quality and compliance in the hemp-derived CBD industry. Our reputation for potent, therapeutic cannabinoid products is well established nationwide.


Purpose Statement

Our community celebrates taking authentic action to heal ourselves in harmony with nature.

Bringing CBD and other botanical remedies into our daily routine can transform health for the better. HempLucid’s sustainable, organic production process guarantees impeccable finished products that are crafted to address your unique needs.

Purpose Statement

Mission Statement

We create innovative products and insightful content that inspire our community to become well aware of their healing path.

HempLucid believes that a successful health journey requires that we educate ourselves as we strive for holistic nutritional and emotional balance. As we find useful natural methods for improving health, we hope to spread the word to loved ones so the vitality of our community can continue to increase.

Mission Statement

Vision Statement

We envision a community co-creating a reality in which people are consciously engaged in the wellness of their mind, body, and spirit.

Co-creating means standing on equal ground and finding solutions for real-world problems. Many will benefit from relevant, resonant content and innovative health-promoting products. HempLucid becomes a fixture in the life of our community.

Vision Statement

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