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Meet Some of Our Ambassadors

Faye GuliniUS Olympian Snowboarder

"My favorite Hemplucid product is CBD ISOLATE MUSCLE RUB WITH MENTHOL, THC-FREE. With my intense training and competition schedule, recovery is key. I have always had great success with the muscle rub. It eliminates my sore muscles and allows me to perform each day at my peak."

Ramona Pascual
Professional MMA Fighter for UFC

"My favorite Hemplucid products are the CBD tinctures. Sleep can be allusive due to the rigorous physical demands of the sport, so relaxing when I need to recover can be hard to do. One dropper an hour before bed has had a notable effect in my ability to relax and shut off for a night of quality sleep. It’s a staple in my nighttime routine."

Mariane Pinto
Yogi and Owner of The Mystic Flow

"Even with my daily yoga practice, everyday life makes it hard to feel balanced and calm. Incorporating HempLucid CBD in my morning routine helps me stay in the flow, even long after my practice is over. I’m grateful to be using these natural medicines, and feeling the healing yoga and CBD relationship ripple out in all aspects of my life."

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