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HempLucid has been a leading provider of premium wellness products since 2016.

Our Story


Our Story

The founder and CEO of HempLucid is Chase Hudson. In 2012, while working as a first responder (EMT, firefighter) Chase had a life-changing experience.

His unit received a call alerting them that an elderly terminal cancer patient was in need of immediate assistance. When Chase and his team arrived at the scene, he discovered the patient in the depths of despair. She was emaciated, sick, and sad, and she was surrounded by more than 50 prescription pill bottles. He vividly recalls having to lift her onto a stretcher, and she was frail, bony and sickly, weighing less than 100 lbs.

Chase was profoundly affected. He knew that there must be a better way and decided to dedicate his life to searching for it.

Chase began the journey of developing CBD products in 2014. He combined forces with his friends Talyn Stratton (Vice President), Saryn Stratton (Formulation Specialist), and Nathan Beckham (Chief Operations Officer), and HempLucid was officially formed in 2016. We have been producing a wide variety of CBD and wellness items ever since.

HempLucid Way of Life

The story of HempLucid is a story of deep friendships that grew over time into a purpose-driven business. In our seventh year of operation, the company is still a group of dear friends who make and sell organic CBD products together. We love, cherish, and honor our HempLucid Tribe and community.

Over the years our interest has increased in tools for healing, such as cold plunges, habit-stacking, red light therapy, optimal nutrition, exercise, light work, body work, breath work, shadow work, CBD, mushrooms like lion’s mane, reishi, and cordyceps, as well as meditation and yoga, the healing powers of music and sound, and other methods for growth and healing. We believe that when your health is balanced, you have the right foundation for performing to the best of your ability.

Founders Letter

Thank you for following us on our journey.

It has been our mission since the beginning to offer products that improve lives. We strongly believe that CBD is an important compound for alleviating mental, physical, and spiritual suffering. We see a new reality emerging on a foundation of empowered, healthy communities of like-minded people working together to strengthen and sustain one another. We believe that dynamic groups can and should expand to include all those who, by nature, belong together.

We hope you’re as excited about this new chapter as we are — and we can’t wait to see how our community grows.

Much love,





HempLucid is dedicated to creating the purest, highest quality CBD and wellness products available. Our medicinal hemp strain is grown to Organic standards in Colorado, USA from clones, not seeds. These consistent genetics have been cultivated and proven over the past decade. We have maintained USDA Organic Handler’s certification since 2020.



We’re committed to continuous education about naturally improving life. We’re excited to learn new methods for achieving wellness, and driven by the goal of taking health to optimal levels through good diet, constructive habits, and balanced living.



We are responsible for putting effort into developing our minds, bodies, and spirits so that we become better able to serve and uplift others. Healing begins with us. We must “be the change” we wish to see in the world.



We gain strength when we genuinely connect with self and others. As a community, we can help each other grow and heal through love, attention, intention, and inclusion. We value our relationships and the enlightened, empowered people that inspire us daily.



Living life, you’re bound to find yourself in a bit of struggle from time to time. This should help us remember that we ought to practice empathy because everybody goes through challenges. People are medicine, and we believe there is great value in striving to be part of the solution for somebody else.



We see an empowered humanity where people are consciously engaged in their health and inspire others to do the same. This paradigm shift has far-reaching influential effects as we more fully embody wellness and wholeness, and act in service of others. Engaged individuals can make a difference.


Purpose Statement

Our community celebrates taking authentic action to heal ourselves in harmony with nature.

Mission Statement

We create innovative products and insightful content that inspire our community to become well aware of their healing path.

Vision Statement

We envision a community co-creating a reality in which people are consciously engaged in the wellness of their mind, body, and spirit.

We Love
Our Team

We are a group that cares about each other, and we help each other succeed in business and in life. Together, we are strong.

Our employee mental health program takes a holistic approach to well-being for mind, body, and soul. Along with an excellent “traditional” benefits package, HempLucid offers healing massage with expert body (and light) workers and quarterly clinical ketamine treatments for anxiety and depression.

“Our society is facing a mental health crisis… Offering ketamine treatments to our employees has shown incredible benefits for healing, positivity, and productivity in the work environment. We are in a new era. A new social contract is being formed between employees and employers, and businesses are being forced to take a look at the mental health of their employees. We’re working hard to get out ahead of it and take care of our people in a proactive way.”

Chase Hudson, HempLucid CEO