At HempLucid, we know that by working together we have a positive effect on the world. Our Lucid Impact Program is designed to build community and improve lives.


The Lucid Impact Program

HempLucid takes seriously the mandate to be sustainable and ethical. As we create products for the general public, we always remember our responsibility to the earth and to future generations. Over our six years in business, we have helped many people aspire to greater heights through our company-wide mental health program, various community outreach projects, and lots of CBD.

Our goal is to continue expanding our community so we can extend the circle of healing and peace.

Lucid Impact is all about people working together to create value for others. At HempLucid, we recognize that we have an ethical responsibility to be transparent and sustainable and to leave the world a better place than we found it. We strive to provide high-quality products for our customers and a workplace full of love, joy, and meaning for our employees and to better the communities and world that we all share.

Mike May, HempLucid CFO

The Lucid Impact Program

Harmony With Nature

HempLucid products will always be derived from all-natural sources and grown to organic standards. Our ongoing commitment to sustainability led us to gaining our USDA Organic Handler’s certification as well as our Leaping Bunny certification. To maintain these certifications, our products are guaranteed to be high-quality and cruelty-free.

We are dedicated to creating products that benefit your mind, your body, your soul, and your health journey. First and foremost, our mission is to provide HempLucid customers with excellent wellness products and to ensure your satisfaction with our service.

Harmony With Nature

Our Amazing Partners

We are grateful for the extraordinary, empowering relationships we have created over the years with non-profit partners. Joining with others for noble charitable causes has helped us further develop the perspective that we have a responsibility to do good in the world.

Our current charitable partnerships are listed below.