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We aspire to give back wherever we can, so we’re pleased to offer additional discounts for eligible customers, including members of the military, first responders, and many more. Our high-quality hemp extracts are 100% USA grown and manufactured, and discounts are easier than ever before! Find out below how you can claim your discount.

Seniors (Age 55+)
  • We want to help our community feel as well as possible, no matter your age. To help with this goal, we offer a senior discount for those ages 55 and up. We want to make our CBD as available as possible for our customers because it can support all kinds of ailments and help our customers experience life to the fullest.

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    SENIORS Senior Citizens 55+

Military Members
  • We are passionate and patriotic, proud to be American, and so happy to return the favor to those who serve our country. While we could never repay you for your sacrifice, we hope you will accept a discount on our products as a token of our appreciation and admiration for all that you do.

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    Active Duty Currently serving (working full-time) in the Armed Forces.

    Veteran Previously served in Armed Forces and was discharged under Honorable conditions.

    Retired, Disabled Same as Veteran. In some cases these terms are used interchangeably.

    Dependent Spouses or children of Active Duty or Veterans.

First Responders
  • First responders are our heroes! Our very own founder was a first responder before venturing into the hemp industry. While we work to improve day-to-day health for people, we’re grateful that you are there for us in emergencies and we are honored to provide you with a discount on your purchase. From our team to yours, thank you!

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    LAW ENFORCEMENT Includes Police, Sheriff / Deputies and Federal LE. Current & retired accepted.

    FIREFIGHTER Includes all sections of local & wilderness response. Current & retired accepted.

    EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIAN/ SERVICE (EMT/EMS) Includes all medical emergency responders and emergency staff with credentials.

    NURSES Includes all professional nursing staff with credentials.

    PUBLIC SERVICE Includes all government/service employees with a valid .gov email address.

Medical Professionals
  • Our goal is to help people elevate their health and learn how to advocate for their own health as best as they can. We know, of course, that we are not the only people helping others do this. We want to offer a discount for those in the medical field who deserve to elevate their own health as much as they help elevate their patients' health.

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    DOCTORS Medical doctors and physicians.

    NURSES RN, CRNA, CNS, FNP, etc. List is not exhaustive. All nurses are eligible.

    PA/CA Assistants to the above.

    HOSPITAL STAFF All other hospital & healthcare workers, including hospital security.

    PRIVATE PRACTICE Healthcare workers operating in private agencies.

  • Whether recovering from an exhausting day in the classroom or looking to put some pep in your step, a discount on CBD for teachers is our way of giving back to the community. Teachers are the frontline of the future, and we hope we can help you feel more relaxed while the weight of the world rests on your shoulders.

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    PRE-K Teaching in a pre-K institution.

    K-12 Teaching in a formal K-12 institution.

    UNIVERSITY Teaching in a formal University or other institution of higher learning.

  • Between classes and extracurricular activities, we know you’ve got a full plate. Non-intoxicating CBD is a great way to maintain focus and calm. It may also help to relieve stress, balance mood, and chill out that pre-test anxiety.

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    U.S. STUDENT Attending University in the United States.

    U.K. STUDENT Attending University in the United Kingdom.

Disadvantaged (Disabled, Low-Income, and Unemployed)
  • We know that hard times can happen to anyone, and that’s why we choose to offer a discount to those dealing with struggles related to low income and/or disability. We all need help at one time or another, and we want to make CBD as accessible as possible regardless of your situation.

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    Disabled | Low-Income | Unemployed

How It Works

How It Works


Have more questions?

For any additional questions, click “We’re Online!” in the bottom, right corner to start a Live Chat. You can also contact us by calling +1 (385) 203-8556 or sending us a message here

Disclaimer: We reserve the right to change or discontinue this discount program at any time and without notice, including limiting the number of discount codes per customer or the eligible products. Shipping and taxes may apply.

Will I get a new code each time I place an order?
  • Yes, each code is only good for a single use. This means that with each new order, you will need to go through the verification process to receive a new code.

How long does it take for me to get verified?
  • Generally, it takes less than a minute to be verified through Verifypass, our verification program.

How long is the discount code good for?
  • All discount codes are single-use. They are valid until they are used.

How many discount codes can I get, and is there a time limit?
  • Customers are able to generate one code every 7 days.

Do I qualify?
  • The best thing to do is to read about each category to learn the necessary qualifications. Does it sound like you? It never hurts to apply and find out if you qualify.

Can I combine discount codes?
  • No, we do not currently allow you to “stack” discount codes. This means you can’t combine the discount code you receive with special promotions, sitewide sales, subscription services, or loyalty program points.

    Luckily, our savings program is often the best deal going on!

Why do I have to use Verifypass?
  • Verifypass allows us to seamlessly offer discounts to qualified individuals while also keeping your information secure and private. It also allows our qualified customers to receive a discount code in real time without needing to call or email our customer service team. Verifypass is a way to make sure our savings program continues to serve a special community.

What type of documents do I need to submit to Verifypass?
  • The documents required for the verification process depend on what program you are applying for.

    For Military:
    • DD-214
    • Official ID from Veterans Affairs
    • Veteran's driver's license (not all states offer this)
    • G.I. Bill documents
    • Promotion certificate or award certificate

    For First Responders
    • Official ID card
    • Official badge
    • Pay stub
    • Promotion or award certificate

    For Medical Professionals
    • Medical license or board certification
    • Pay stub from hospital (or healthcare employer)
    • BLS card or BLS certification
    • Signed letter of status from healthcare employer

    For Teachers
    • Official ID card or badge
    • Teacher's license or state certification
    • Credential used to gain access to their campus

    For Students
    • Student ID

    For Disadvantaged
    • Varies

    For Seniors
    • Varies

    In general, no matter what discount program you are applying for, it is recommended to keep two forms of identification (ID) handy. The forms of ID required will likely be what you have used to apply for discounts in other places.

Will I qualify for the same discount on all products each time?
  • Yes. However, HempLucid reserves the right to change or discontinue this savings program at any time and without notice, including limiting the number of discount codes per customer or the eligible products.

If I am retired (medical/first responder/military), do I still qualify?
  • Currently, retired law enforcement, firefighters, and military qualify for discounts. Retired teachers do not qualify for discounts.