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Our flavorless capsules are a great way for newcomers to try CBD. Or get targeted support in our CBN and CBD capsules with functional mushrooms.
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If you’ve been craving the power of cannabinoids in a convenient and shelf-stable package, we’ve got good news for you! Our full- spectrum CBD softgel capsules and CBN capsules deliver all the efficacy of these plant-based compounds in their most portable form yet. When combined with our game-changing functional mushroom extracts, herbs, and nootropics, they have the potential to turn everything you thought about cannabinoid medicines on their head.

At HempLucid, we believe that a respect for plant-based medicine and a passion for innovation go hand in hand. Here are a few reasons you might want to try our cutting-edge CBD and CBN capsules for sleep, calm, and other beneficial outcomes.

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You Deserve the Best: CBN and CBD Softgel Capsules

If you’ve taken a moment to visit our cannabis and hemp blog, you probably know that both CBD and CBN are cannabinoids, members of a family of natural compounds that have been shown to impart some truly exciting potential medical benefits. Like its cousins THC and Delta-8 THC, CBD and CBN interface with our bodies through a vital and complex regulatory network called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Increasingly recognized as one of our body’s crucial systems, the ECS helps control such functions as sleep, memory, immune health, and more.

There are a number of key similarities and differences between CBD and CBN. While both have been shown to potentially help us find better sleep, they do so in different ways. CBD is often associated with a mild cerebral lift while CBN is more often associated with promoting sleep. Over and above this, CBD has been shown to help us manage stress and tackle minor aches and strains. By contrast, CBN appears to exhibit some pain-fighting properties.

Want to go deeper? We invite you to learn more about the ECS and its function here.


HempLucid’s Full-Spectrum CBD and CBN Capsules with Functional Mushrooms

Whether you prefer CBD oil,CBD gummies, or our flagship water soluble CBD line, there’s no end of formats by which to access these game-changing cannabinoids. So, why choose CBD softgel capsules, or our “stacks” featuring both CBD and CBN capsules enhanced with the power of herbs and functional mushrooms such as Reishi, Turkey Tail, Chaga and Lion’s Mane?

At HempLucid, we saw a need for a convenient and shelf-stable version of our cannabinoid and mushroom products. For those of us who prefer an intuitive and easy-to-dose format with no hempy aftertaste, our CBD capsules are the perfect tool for the job. We recommend you take one serving (a single capsule) daily or as needed. How quickly will it take effect? We suggest you a capsule about one hour before you wish to feel its benefits.

And great things happen when you combine the cannabinoid power of CBD or CBN with functional mushrooms. Our mushroom-powered products leverage the immune, stress and sleep support potential that these fungi offer.

We’re committed to creating the purest, highest quality mushroom and cannabinoid products available. Our medicinal hemp strain is grown to USDA organic standards from clones cultivated and proven over the past decade, and we’re incredibly proud to have maintained USDA Organic Handler’s certification since 2020.

Our CBD and CBN capsules for sleep, immune support and stress relief can be shipped anywhere in the United States; check our Shipping Policy page for more information.



What is the difference between CBN and CBD?
While both CBD and CBN are cannabinoids, they impart different effects. CBD imparts a subtle calm and focus, while CBN is more often associated with sleepiness. While CBN appears to exhibit some pain-fighting properties, CBD is a better choice for fighting routine aches and inflammation.
What are the benefits of CBD and CBN capsules?
CBD has been shown to potentially help us manage stress and anxiety, as well as addressing routine aches and strains. CBN is associated with helping us find deeper restorative sleep. When taken in capsule form, both deliver consistent, sustainable effects.
Is CBD or CBN better for sleep?
Both CBD and CBN have been shown to potentially help us find deeper, more restorative sleep, and there’s no reason you can’t combine the two. Many clinicians point to the “entourage effect,” a phenomenon in which cannabinoids act in partnership to elicit stronger effects.