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Our Stacks use the power of reishi, cordyceps, chaga, lion’s mane, CBD, CBN & natural ingredients to provide your body with an array of botanical benefits.

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If you believe natural compounds such as CBD, mushrooms, and botanicals can support your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being, you’ve come to the right place. Our mushroom gummies and capsules are a family of products that leverage the quantum power of fungi to impart game-changing results. Whether formulated to heighten focus, tame stress, empower deeper sleep, or support immune system function, we humbly believe these products are the best mushroom gummies available anywhere.

What makes these mushroom gummies and mushroom capsules so unique? Here’s how these deceptively simple organisms provide such a stunning range of benefits to our bodies and our minds.

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HempLucid Stacks: How Mushroom Gummies and Capsules Work

Mushrooms are fungi, one of the broadest and most diverse of all earth’s natural kingdoms. Ranging from simple single-celled organisms to highly complex multicellular structures, they’re responsible for a vast range of natural processes, including decomposing organic matter, in addition to releasing carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, and phosphorus into the soil and the atmosphere.

In the human body, the fungi we use in our mushroom gummies and capsules can offer many different benefits. Lion’s mane, for instance, have been shown to impart significant improvements in brain health. And studies have demonstrated a broad range of immune-boosting and other beneficial effects from cordyceps mushrooms.

At HempLucid, we leverage the power of these natural medicines along with cannabinoids such as CBN to “stack” their benefits and power our mushroom gummies and capsules in supporting various aspects of your wellness.


The Best Mushroom Gummies and Capsules: Stacks Available from HempLucid

If you’re new to functional mushrooms to support your everyday health and wellness, let us introduce you to our product lineup:

  • Focus Mushroom Gummies: Your new secret weapon for daily focus, productivity, and creativity.
  • Stress Mushroom Gummies: Our blend of organic CBD and functional mushrooms relieves stress without fogginess.
  • Sleep Mushroom Gummies: With calming CBD and CBN, plus soothing mushroom extracts and NO melatonin, these gummies work hard so you can rest easy.
  • Sleep Stacks: CBN, mushrooms, and herbs combine to support deep, restorative sleep in a convenient capsule.
  • Immune Stacks: Give your immune system the support it needs with cordyceps, CBD, and red marine algae in a convenient capsule.
  • Stress Stacks: Lion’s mane, nettles, and CBD combine to soothe your hypothalamic pituitary adrenal (HPA) axis and tame stress the all-natural way, in a convenient capsule.

For best results, we suggest taking gummies and capsules around the same time each day. For some, it may take several days or weeks to really feel the effects. Give them time to work with your body, and remember they’re backed by our risk-free satisfaction guarantee.

Consider pairing with topical/oral CBD for the Entourage Effect, where beneficial cannabinoids support each other in your system.


FAQ: Mushroom Supplements

Are the mushrooms in the formula hallucinogenic?
No. Our gummy mushrooms include the non-hallucinogenic reishi, cordyceps, chaga, and lion’s mane varieties, along with the non-intoxicating cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG and CBN to provide you with a broad array of benefits.
Can HempLucid products be shipped anywhere?
Yes! Our mushroom gummies and capsules can be shipped anywhere in the United States, as well as Spain and the United Kingdom. Check our Shipping Policy page for more information.
Does HempLucid offer a money-back guarantee?
Yes! In fact, we’re so certain of the power and efficacy of our products that we offer a 30-day refund policy. If you don’t feel the difference, we’ll refund the original purchase price minus shipping. Learn more at our Refund Policy page.