Why is Water Soluble CBD So Popular?

Why is Water Soluble CBD So Popular?

Water Soluble CBD is popular because it’s a highly versatile, fast-acting option.

Improve Your Day with CBD

Very few items in your medicine cabinet provide physical benefits quite like full-spectrum cannabidiol, commonly called CBD oil. CBD is an extract of the hemp plant, a marvel of nature rich in molecules called cannabinoids that interact with your body at a cellular level, (like keys fitting perfectly into locks). CBD and other cannabinoids interact with CB1 and CB2 receptors in the brain and within our entire, naturally occuring endocannabinoid system, to promote balance, calm, and general wellness.

CBD can be ingested in a variety of ways, but our fast-acting Water Soluble CBD tinctures have consistently been the top-selling flagship product for HempLucid since we started producing them in 2016. Even against stiff competition like our tasty gummies, Water Soluble CBD has been a continuous fan-favorite because it provides a simple way to get CBD in your system quickly and to maintain consistent levels all day long.

Water Soluble CBD

Full-spectrum Water Soluble CBD and CBN Sleep products from HempLucid are USDA Organic certified. These tinctures are an emulsion of organic full-spectrum hemp CBD extract with organic vegetable glycerin and other all-natural ingredients. We offer varieties of THC-free Water Soluble CBD for those of our customers who cannot use THC.

This innovative family of products are designed to mix readily into water, coffee, juice, kombucha, smoothies, or any other tasty beverage—or simply to be taken right under the tongue. Water Soluble CBD adds a delightful hemp twist into anything you're drinking. Our Water Soluble CBD products also come in three delicious natural flavors, so you can mix and match to your flavor preferences. These CBD formulas add a bit of flavor, relaxation, and calm into your water or other liquids.

For those of our customers who carry a big water bottle with them throughout their day, try adding a dropper or two (or more if you're the adventurous type) of Water Soluble to the bottle. As you sip on it throughout the day, you'll maintain a level of chill that will make you the envy of your peers in these crazy times.

The ability to mix Water Soluble with any beverage is only the beginning. Water Soluble CBD is popular because it's a highly versatile, fast-acting option.

  • The easiest way to enjoy Water Soluble is straight from the dropper. Delicious!
  • Try Water Soluble as a sublingual option. Hold it under your tongue for 30 seconds or so.
  • Water Soluble can be vaporized or even mixed with other vape liquids.
  • We've had customers make topical products, CBD honey, and many more types of products using our Water Soluble. Truly amazing.
  • Find some terrific recipes on our blog for utilizing Water Soluble CBD.

Water Soluble CBD Varieties

Our Water Soluble CBD Varieties

Full-spectrum Water Soluble CBD is available in 3 delicious flavors, Natural, Orange, or Mint. We also provide multiple strength options. You can enjoy Full-Spectrum Water Soluble with 600mg, 1350mg, or 2100mg of active cannabinoids in the bottle, providing 20mg, 45mg, or 75mg of CBD per serving, respectively. One dropperful is one serving and there are 30 servings in each 1 oz. bottle.

We also offer an isolate Water Soluble CBD option, which each contain 1350mg of CBD in the bottle.

HempLucid also offers Water Soluble CBN in a delicious Lavender Mint tincture. CBN is perfect for falling asleep fast and staying asleep. 

Why is Water Soluble CBD So Popular?

To this day, Water Soluble CBD is in our top five products sold every month, with loyal customers buying it consistently for many years. The fast-acting effects make it a terrific way to chill out fast when you need it most. Each dropperful of our 2100mg Water Soluble contains a 2.5mg THC microdose in addition to 70mg of CBD. The onset of effects is a uniquely pleasant feeling, an inner peace and equilibrium. You have to try it to believe it.

Water Soluble CBN for Sleep quickly became a best-selling product upon release in 2022. Sleep is a must, and Water Soluble CBN is a fast-acting cannabinoid nightcap that will help you catch some Z's. We certainly recommend enjoying a serving in a cup of tea, but Lavender Mint CBN straight from the dropper is a tasty option as well.

A Brand You Can Stand By

HempLucid is proud to be a USDA Organic certified producer of CBD and other cannabinoid products. We provide QR links to all COA's right on the packaging of every product we sell. That way you can know for certain that these are the highest quality Water Soluble CBD products available on the market. Our potent Colorado hemp strain provides a terrific cannabinoid and terpene profile.

We strive to utilize all-natural ingredients in everything we create because we believe that health-consciousness is one of the guiding principles of life. CBD as a daily addition to your routine can have beneficial, transformational benefits for every aspect of your day.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is presented purely for educational purposes and is not intended as medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment of any condition. As always, consult your doctor before introducing a new supplement to your routine.

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Why is Water Soluble CBD So Popular?

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