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Delta-8 THC works to stimulate creativity and appetite while supporting better mood and sleep. HempLucid creates high-quality Delta 8 Gummies & Oral Strips with potent and long-lasting effects.

What is Delta-8 THC?

Delta-8 (D8) THC is a compound that is naturally present in hemp plants. It is part of a family of compounds found in hemp called cannabinoids, including cannabidiol (CBD) and Delta-9 THC (often simply referred to as THC).

Delta-8 THC is produced by hemp plants, but only in very small amounts. Luckily, CBD can be converted into Delta-8 THC using a variety of different methods. Virtually all D8 products available today (including ours) are made from hemp-derived CBD that has been converted into Delta-8.


A Natural Partnership With Your Body

Like all cannabinoids, Delta-8 works with the body's endocannabinoid system (ECS) to promote overall balance in the body.

Since cannabinoids can interface with this innate bodily system, they are in some sense “speaking the same language” as your ECS, giving them the unique ability to provide you with relaxing, stress-relieving, and other beneficial effects.


Uplift, Comfort, and Calm: The Effects of D8

If you're looking for a sweet spot between the high of Delta-9 THC and the steady benefits of CBD, Delta-8 can fill that gap.

So, what’s the difference between the three cannabinoids?

Delta-8, CBD, and Delta-9 share very similar chemical structures, which is why they share a broad family of effects and therapeutic uses. All three cannabinoids bind with receptors in the body's endocannabinoid system; however, the small differences in structure can cause big differences in the effects that the body experiences.

Delta-8 can promote feelings of relaxation and calm that are notably different than CBD—but most people report the euphoric feelings D8 produces are gentler and less intense than Delta-9 THC. In essence, D8 has a gentler touch than Delta-9 but provides a more noticeable uplift than CBD.

Many of our customers prefer the more subtle effects of Delta-8 as compared to Delta-9 THC. It can provide the pain relief, calm, and relaxation that CBD is known for while offering a more potent and pleasant experience.


HempLucid’s D8 Gummies and Oral Strips

If you’re new to Delta-8 THC or simply new to our products, we think you’ll enjoy the benefits that this cannabinoid may add to your health and wellness routine.

You’ll find the highest-quality hemp-derived extracts in our convenient and easy-to-enjoy D8 Gummy Cubes, available in fruity Strawberry and Watermelon flavors. These D8 gummies make on-the-go consumption easy, and while it may take edibles an hour or two to kick in, they also tend to provide longer-lasting effects.

If a quicker onset is something you’d prefer, we also offer Delta-8 THC Oral Strips. Just as convenient and easy to use as our D8 gummies, our fast-acting oral strips make use of the absorbent tissues found in the mouth and on the tongue to deliver D8 to your body. Just place a delicious Peach flavored strip on your tongue or the inside of your cheek and wait for it to dissolve! Our customers typically enjoy the benefits of these strips within minutes.


How Much Delta-8 Should I Take?

In our experience, Delta 8 is a potent cannabinoid that can be used consistently if needed but is better at delivering an extra oomph when you need it.

D8 products are recommended for ages 21 and up and are not intended for specific health conditions or life stages, such as pregnancy and breastfeeding.

For first-time D8 gummy users, we recommend starting with half of a gummy or about 12.5 mg of Delta-8. Explore how you feel after a few days of consistent use and adjust as needed. Our strips contain 15 mg of Delta-8 THC per serving and are typically a good dosage to start out with if you’re new to D8.

It might take longer than you’re expecting to feel the effects of Delta-8 THC. Our general rule of thumb is: “However long you think, wait just a bit longer.” Everyone’s experience will be different, but we recommend waiting at least one hour with our D8 gummies and at least 30 minutes with our oral strips before having another serving.

We want your first experience with D8-THC to be a great one! Please don’t hesitate to contact our customer experience team if you have any questions.


Our Commitment to Quality

We want to make your decision around where to buy Delta-8 as simple—and transparent—as possible. HempLucid is devoted to offering the best quality hemp products available, which means being completely transparent about our ingredients and how our products are made.

As part of our 100% Lucid Guarantee, all of our hemp-derived products are tested to ensure we meet all legal requirements and HempLucid's quality standards. Each lot is individually sampled, tested, and archived, with each test result (called a Certificate of Analysis, or COA) made available publicly for your review. We disclose exactly how much D8 and D9 each product contains, and you can view exactly what's in each batch at

We also offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.


FAQ: Delta 8

What are the side effects of D8?
Each person’s experience with and sensitivity to THC varies. Common side effects of Delta-8 may include: dry mouth, red or dry eyes, drowsiness, grogginess, euphoria, lethargy, and increased appetite.
Is Delta-8 legal?
Delta-8 is not legal in every state. Currently, we do not ship our D8 products to Utah or Colorado. The legal status and regulation of Delta-8 are being updated regularly, so be sure to check D8’s current status in your home state before purchasing.
Can you buy Delta-8 online?
Yes! If it is legal in your country or state, you can buy Delta-8 online and have it shipped right to your door. HempLucid ships within the US (excluding New York, Utah, and Colorado) and internationally to the UK and Spain. We also offer free shipping on orders of $69 or more and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

You must be 21 or older to view Delta 8 products. Hemp-derived Delta 8 is highly potent and only intended for adult use. By clicking “I’m over 21” you acknowledge you’re legally eligible to view and purchase Delta 8 THC products.