Premium Quality Materials

Made with high-durability fabrics, our beanie withstands the rigors of daily use while maintaining its luxurious feel and look.

Sophisticated Design

With an exclusive design, this beanie sets you apart. Its sleek, professional aesthetic aligns perfectly with your health-focused lifestyle.

Iconic Branding

Featuring the HempLucid logo patch prominently, the beanie serves as a badge of honor for our most valued customers, representing a community committed to top-tier wellness solutions.

Limited Edition HempLucid Winter Beanies

Available exclusively to our top customers, this beanie is not just a product but a symbol of your special status in the HempLucid community.

  • Nuetral Clay Cuffed Beanie
  • Olive Green Cuffed Beanie
  • Black and Silver Pom Beanie
  • Full Wool Pom Beanie
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  • HempLucid Exclusive Winter Beanie

    As a thank you to our amazing HempLucid family, you’ve unlocked exclusive access to our limited-edition HempLucid Winter Beanies! This is a one-time only drop, available only while supplies last. We hope you wear it with pride, and that your 2024 is happy, healthy, and the best year yet.

    Your Winter, Elevated: Whether you're braving the cold on a morning run or accessorizing for a casual day out, the HempLucid Exclusive Winter Beanie is your go-to choice for combining style, comfort, and a nod to your wellness journey.

    Cuffed Beanie - Olive Green
    This rich and earthy olive green knit is elevated with a holographic HempLucid lion tab. Compliments incoming!

    Cuffed Beanie - Neutral Clay
    Look cool, feel warm! This neutral color goes with anything, while it’s cuff keeps it in place from the slopes to the shops.

    Pom Beanie - Full Wool
    This chunky knit provides serious warmth with a playful touch that we just love.

    Pom Beanie - Black and Silver
    The two-tone black and silver knit gives this beanie a lot of dimension, while the comfy blanket lining inside keeps you oh-so cozy.

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