Vaping CBD: A Beginner’s Guide

Vaping CBD: A Beginner’s Guide

New to vaping CBD? Not sure where to start? This beginner's guide covers the basics of vaping and the information you need to try it for yourself.

Vaping is one of the most efficient ways to take CBD (cannabidiol) and offers the fastest route of absorption into the body. However, it’s not the most beginner-friendly method. 

That said, with a dash of patience and some research, the first hurdle into vaping CBD is well worth your time.

Getting Started

Not sure where to start?

In this guide, we’re going to cover the basics of vaping and the information you need to try it for yourself. Like any form of CBD, vaping begins with a little trial and error to find what works best for you. However, unlike other options, vaping also requires a bit of research on the hardware end to get started. 

But before we take a dive into the technical side of vaping, let’s talk about why so many people choose to vape CBD. 

Why Vape CBD?

There are several ways to get your daily cannabinoid boost. Whether you prefer tinctures, ingestible options like gel caps, vaping, or a topical approach—there are no wrong choices. 

You can also mix things up and combine a few throughout the day. 

The most notable difference between options is how these hemp extracts are absorbed.

So why vape CBD?

It’s All About Bioavailability

Bioavailability, or the degree and rate at which CBD is absorbed, is a major factor.

Our bodies absorb essential nutrients and other substances from the food we eat, the beverages we drink, and any other vitamins we use to supplement our diet. 

A portion of everything we ingest is then either absorbed into the body or processed as waste. 

Naturally, we aren’t able to absorb everything we consume. That would cause some serious issues (to say the least). And as our bodies purge the excess or unnecessary, we inevitably lose some of that which is beneficial.

Digestive processes within the human body are incredible, but we aren’t perfect filters.  

Most forms of CBD are absorbed during the process of digestion. However, when inhaled, CBD bypasses digestion altogether and is absorbed directly through the lungs. This method allows more complete absorption (and at a faster rate) when compared to tinctures or edibles

And the biggest benefit of higher bioavailability?

Less Is More

Say you have two bottles of CBD, both are the same strength, but one is intended for vaping. Which lasts longer? 

That’s not a trick question.

Vaping allows you to taper back on your usual serving because a higher percentage of the compound can be absorbed and used by the body. 

When vaping CBD, less is more

Just make sure you’re only vaping a product that’s compatible with vaping. For example, you should avoid vaping anything with an “oil” base. This includes MCT oil, hemp seed oil, etc.

Know What You’re Vaping

When shopping for CBD vape products—or any CBD for that matter—pay close attention to ingredients and third-party tests for safety and potency. These tests should be available online at the manufacturer’s website.

And if you can’t find that info? Steer clear. Questionable and downright dangerous products have been found in circulation, so it’s vital to keep yourself informed. 

At HempLucid, we ensure this information is readily available

Each HempLucid product batch is marked with a unique lot code associated with a Certificate of Analysis. These third-party results test for hemp compound profiles, residual solvents, and other harmful substances. 

Know what you’re vaping! 

HempLucid Vape products are made with our high-quality, Whole-Plant hemp extract bonded to organic vegetable glycerin. Our Vape will never contain Vitamin E, synthetic cannabinoids, PG (propylene glycol), or flavoring additives. 

And now, on to the somewhat complex topic of vape hardware. 

What Hardware Do I Need?

There are vape pens, pod setups, mods the size of bricks, and tanks of all shapes and sizes. New hardware is released at a dizzying pace. To add to this, not all vape devices will be compatible with thick hemp extracts or high VG liquids. 

Most kits are designed to work with thinner nicotine products and finding a solid hardware setup can take time. 

HempLucid Vape products are made with natural ingredients and are quite thick. These thicker liquids can sometimes “gum up” tanks and coils, resulting in a burned wick or extract. 

However, in this rapid release schedule of new systems, high or “max VG” compatible devices are becoming easier to find.

With that in mind, where do you start?

Finding the Right CBD Vape Kit

Ultimately, the best device for you will boil down to budget and individual tastes. 

We’d love to give direct suggestions, however, any recommendations we make would be outdated in no time. So, while we can’t offer specific recommendations on a beginner setup, we can guide you in the right direction. 

First, start by researching tanks, mods, or vape starter kits designed for use with high or “max VG” liquids. 

Read product reviews and get comfortable with some of the terminology. Or, if you live near a vape shop, you might stop by and see what hardware the store employees recommend. 

A device with variable voltage, variable wattage, or temperature control is ideal. These allow you to control the amount of power being supplied to the coil, or the temperature. 

Pair this device with your high VG compatible tank and start at a low temperature/power setting, especially with a fresh wick or coil. 

Before activating your device or “firing,” ensure the wick is fully saturated with liquid. You can fill the tank and leave it for a bit, or inhale through the mouthpiece without supplying power to help pull the liquid up into the wick. Allow the coil to saturate for at least fifteen minutes before vaping (this, of course, only applies if you’re using a product with a wick).

From there, take a couple of puffs every few hours or as desired.

What's the Best Temperature for Vaping CBD?

Purchasing a device that supports temperature control gives you more power over your vaping experience. Typically, recommended temperature settings for VG-based liquids start around 300 °F and go all the way up to 450 °F.

Most people find a sweet spot between the mid-to-high 300s and low 400s (°F). This will vary depending on the personal preference of taste, vapor output, and the concentration of the extract. 

In any case, start closer to 300 °F and increase the temperature until you find the most enjoyable vaping experience for you.

Breathe Easy with HempLucid CBD

Vaping CBD is incredibly rewarding and convenient once you’ve locked down your preferred setup. 

And if you’re new to CBD, remember to start low and slow as you work your way up to a comfortable level. Everyone will respond to hemp extracts in different ways. Balance is the goal, and the path forward is unique for each and every one of us. 

Enjoy the journey and check out our USDA Organic CBD Vape Liquid today!

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Vaping CBD: A Beginner’s Guide

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