Tyler Hatch

Tyler Hatch

Tyler has a passionate drive to tell the world the importance of CBD products.

About Tyler

Tyler has worked at HempLucid for almost 5 years in various roles. With a background in English and environmental science, he is a passionate advocate for the healing powers of the plant kingdom. Seeing loved ones triumph over health challenges using CBD has given him a passionate drive to tell the world the importance of these products.

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The Many Benefits of HempLucid Focus Gummies

Find your focus with Lion’s Mane mushrooms, CBG, + other natural ingredients to brighten your mind


CBD + MCT Oil: A Powerful Combination for Holistic Health

CBD + MCT Oil from HempLucid is a versatile and delicious tincture that promotes whole-body welln...

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Amanita Muscaria and its Incredible Health-Promoting Properties

Amanita is certainly the most featured mushroom in the arts, and the most memorable power-up from...

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Why is Water Soluble CBD So Popular?

Water Soluble CBD is popular because it’s a highly versatile, fast-acting option.

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Functional Mushroom Gummies from HempLucid

Stay present, chill out like a boss, or sleep like a baby - HempLucid Mushroom Gummies can help!

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Broad Spectrum CBD Gummy Cubes: A Better You. Daily.

CBD gummies are all the craze lately. Which CBD edibles are the best? What about CBD gummies dosa...

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