Powerful stress relief, courtesy of mother nature

According to Stress.org, Americans in 2022 are more stressed than ever. And while there’s a lot beyond our control, we do have plenty of tools at our disposal for stress relief.

Yoga can be awesome, and meditation is super helpful — when you remember to do it. But what about those evenings when you’re home late from work and all you want to do is eat Cheetos on the couch and binge-watch Netflix?

It can be hard to develop good habits when you're constantly feeling overwhelmed with stress

Thankfully, the body is really good at striving for balance. It just needs a little help sometimes!

CBD, Functional
and Stress Relief

The stress-relief properties of CBD are well-known

In fact, stress relief is one of the most common reasons people use CBD. When combined with other herbs and functional mushrooms, CBD may offer whole-body stress support.

Mental Clarity

Mental Clarity

Stress Relief And <br class="mobile-only">Calmness

Stress Relief And

Better Sleep

Better Sleep

Did you know that many other herbs offer similar calming effects?

You may be familiar with the calming effects of a cozy cup of chamomile tea, but mullein leaf, pau d’arco, and nettle offer calming effects that can help reduce stress and help you function more optimally throughout the day.

Lion's mane mushrooms
Lion's mane mushrooms

CBD, herbs, and functional mushrooms work together to support your body in its quest for balance or homeostasis

And when the body is more balanced, the mind has more energy to problem-solve and work through the stresses of everyday life.

With chronic stress becoming ever more common in American adults, it's more important than ever that you do your best to manage it where you can.

You may be able to find the support you need with functional herbs, mushrooms, and CBD.