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Functional Mushrooms

What makes a mushroom “functional?” These are truly special (but not magical) mushrooms, whose wellness potential is only now being rediscovered by researchers.

After being confined to Silicon Valley and some high-end health food stores, we believe these plant medicines belong to all of us.

HempLucid Stacks and Gummies combine these ancient remedies with modern techniques. That means you can rediscover their whole-body benefits, without the costly and time-consuming supplement search (or the nasty aftertaste).

Mushroom Immune Capsules
Help support your immune system

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Crafted by a master herbalist

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Mushroom Sleep Capsules
Get to sleep faster, stay asleep longer

$64.95 $49.95

Don't snooze on a good night's sleep

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Mushroom Stress Capsules
Help reduce stress

$64.95 $49.95

Just let your stess fly away

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Mushroom Sleep Gummies
Naturally balanced to help you sleep


Enjoy rejuvenating sleep all night long

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Mushroom Focus Gummies
Trouble focusing? You’re not alone.


Feel clear and lucid, not anxious or jittery

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Mushroom Stress Gummies
Help your body cope with stress better


Ready to feel like yourself again?

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Done-for-You Functional Mushrooms

Lion’s Mane

Used for centuries by Buddhist monks, Lion’s Mane uplifts mood, focus, and cognitive function. Find it in our Focus Gummies.

Turkey Tail

This vibrant ‘shroom supports a healthy gut, and has been shown to promote a healthy immune response. Find it in the Immune Stack.


Sometimes called “Black Gold,” Chaga features one of the highest natural antioxidant counts ever recorded. Find it in the Stress Stack.


This fatigue-fighting fungi supports recovery, restful sleep, and a sense of calm. Try it in your Sleep and Stress Gummies.

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  • Focus, Stress & Sleep Blends
  • Natural Low-Sugar Flavors
  • 1 Easy, Daily Gummy Cube

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  • Sleep (#1 best seller), Stress, & Immune Blends
  • Easy-to-Swallow Vegan Capsules
  • Customizable Dosing

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