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Nov 13, 2019

Voted Best CBD Oil Product in Utah

HempLucid is proud to support the growth of the cannabis industry in Utah. We appreciate the warm welcome we've received in our home state and we're grateful to everyone who is now experiencing life again along with us.

We often hear the words, “grow where you’re planted.” And in Utah, we aim to do just that. 

At HempLucid, we’re proud to support the growth of the local cannabis industry. We appreciate the warm welcome we’ve received in our home state and we’re grateful to everyone who is now experiencing life again along with us. 

Recently, we added icons to our website to recognize a few local organizations.

Best of Utah – CBD

City Weekly readers have been voting for the Best of Utah for 30 years. 

The 2019 polls accepted nominations from more than 10,000 voters for the best in well over 100 categories, including food, drink, music, and more. This year, readers were also able to vote on a handful of categories related to CBD. 

We’re happy to announce Hemplucid as the winner of Best CBD Oil Product in Utah. 

The Hemplucid team is honored to be a part of this year’s Best of Utah list. We look forward to our continued journey alongside the great people in this state. 

Which brings us to our next bit of news. 

Hemplucid + Utah Cannabis Association

Tyler Hatch, Compliance Officer and Distribution Manager at Hemplucid, has secured a seat on the board of the Utah Cannabis Association—an organization dedicated to growing and improving the local cannabis industry. 

This nonprofit trade association allows businesses to network with other industry professionals and seek positive changes to state and local laws through their experienced lobbying efforts.

They also share our commitment to shifting the public perception of the cannabis industry through education. Exciting things are happening in the Utah cannabis space, and we’re excited to do our part in supporting the local industry. 

"Cannabis business is complex! Rigorous (and completely necessary) regulations from the State create the first line of hurdles that a new hemp industry entrepreneur must overcome. Then, the various pieces of equipment for growing, harvesting, and extracting are complicated and expensive, and certain solutions are only practical to a certain scale.

The plant itself has some temperamental qualities, the weather can be unpredictable, securing and insuring the harvest is expensive and time-consuming, and landing good sourcing and manufacturing partnerships can be treacherous.

Add to this the challenge of marketing your new products in an ultra-competitive category, and very quickly you realize that you’ve got quite a mountain to climb if you’re going to succeed in the hemp industry.

Developing short and long-term strategy is difficult in this new and rapidly-changing space, so it’s important to have experienced partners to help you overcome the challenges. The Utah Cannabis Association is a group of cannabis industry professionals who combine to help our members achieve their goals, and we work together to calibrate and improve the cannabis industry in the great State of Utah."

- Tyler Hatch

Utah’s Own – Quality Products Made in Your Own Backyard

Alongside our efforts in the cannabis arena, Hemplucid also supports local small food producers and businesses. We’re pleased to be a member of Utah’s Own, a movement led by the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food. 

Utah’s Own urges Utahns to support companies close to home. On their website, they answer the question, “Why Local?”

“A recent study showed that if Utahns spent just 10% more on local businesses, it could keep up to $1.3 billion in our state’s economy every year. Supporting our local food producers creates more jobs for residents, provides extra tax revenues for local governments and provides you with products that simply taste better!”

Together, we can bolster local growth in the cannabis industry and beyond. 

The Conscious Choice for a Brighter Future

Our commitment to conscious living has taken us places we never thought possible. The Hemplucid team will continue to do everything in our power to ensure hemp has a prosperous future in Utah—and all across the nation.