All The Details On Delta 8 Oral Strips

All The Details On Delta 8 Oral Strips

Dissolving Delta 8? You heard that right. Oral strips are a discreet, easy way to dose Delta 8 THC. What do you need to know about D8 oral strips?

Dissolving Delta 8? You heard that right. Oral strips are a discreet, easy way to dose Delta 8 THC. What do you need to know about D8 oral strips?

Beyond being a superior delivery method, strips are a great-tasting way to take Delta 8. They fit easily in your pocket and come in a pre-measured dose. Oral strips can be both fast onset and fast acting.

Read on to find out how Delta 8 THC oral strips are revolutionizing the way you take D8.

Do Delta 8 Oral Strips Work?

Delta 8 THC, commonly called D8, is a psychoactive compound found in cannabis. D8 has been all the rage lately thanks to having much milder effects than a related hemp derivative — Delta 9.

Everyone responds differently to D8 depending on individual body chemistry. D8 interacts with the receptors in the body's endocannabinoid system.

Your endocannabinoid system

The general rule of thumb for taking Delta 8 is to "start low and go slow". It is more potent than CBD, but less intense than Delta 9 THC.

The Entourage Effect

There's something called "the entourage effect" that happens when you take cannabinoids (like CBD) in combination with other cannabis plant products.

Different products contain different cannabinoids and compounds. Here are some terms to be familiar with when shopping for THC:

  • Full-Spectrum CBD- contains CBD, less than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), flavonoids, and terpenes
  • Broad-Spectrum CBD- contains CBD, is THC-free (non-detectable levels at less than  0.001% THC), flavonoids, and terpenes
  • Isolate CBD- contains CBD only (no THC, flavonoids, and typically no added terpenes)
  • Delta 9 THC (Δ9  THC)- high amounts can produce psychoactive, intoxicating effects
  • Delta 8 THC (Δ8  THC)- closely related to Delta 9 THC, but differences in chemical structure remove some of the psychoactive effects and may produce a mild sedative state instead

Some people are THC sensitive, so isolate or broad-spectrum CBD products work best for them. Others find that taking CBD with THC gives them the full spectrum of benefits.

Oral vs Sublingual Strips

When it comes to strips, there are two main options — sublingual and buccal. There are many CBD sublingual strips out there, but D8 oral strips are just emerging.

Sublingual strips are placed and dissolved under the tongue. They work by dissolving through the mucus membranes of the body tissues lying underneath the tongue. From there, the substance enters directly into the bloodstream.

This whole process takes about 30 minutes, tops. When taking Delta 8 THC this way, onset is typically about 1-5 minutes.

Buccal strips, sometimes just called "oral strips", are also a form of fast acting oral THC. The word "buccal" refers to the cheek or mouth area.

Similarly to sublingual strips, the D8 dissolves through the tissues and membranes of the mouth and then directly into circulation via the body's bloodstream. This is much faster than edibles, which can take up to 1-2 hours to take full effect since they have to travel through the digestive tract.

In terms of onset, buccal strips take slightly longer than sublingual strips. Onset usually occurs around 6-7 minutes, yet the effects peak around 30 minutes — just like their sublingual counterparts.

Sublingual vs Buccal Strips

THC vs CBD Oral Strips

As mentioned above, D8 strips are a cannabis alternative that delivers potent effects in a thin film. It is a smoke free cannabis alternative and has superior absorption rates compared to edibles and other methods of ingestion.

CBD isn't quite as intense as THC. However, both types of oral strips share similar advantages.

Pros of THC Oral Strips

Oral strips have a higher permeability than other THC products, such as topicals. With oral strips, there is a lower risk of the THC being degraded, denatured, or destroyed than when it has to pass through the skin or digestive system.

Cons of THC Oral Strips

The cons of oral strips really come down to how they are manufactured. Since oral strips are a relatively new area of THC product, there aren't a lot of standards that the market can follow.

Processing methods can vary, which means the end product you use can vary in absorption, availability, and more when it comes to the quality and amount of THC. We value lucidity, which is why we created At this website, you can see lab tests and results that prove our products are pure and third-party tested.

Visit Lucid Labs

The Final Word On Thin Film THC Oral Strips

With so many new and improved THC products arriving on the market, it can seem impossible to know what is made with integrity and what is "tongue in cheek". Knowing how Delta 8 THC is different from other forms of cannabis and hemp derivatives can help you make the right decision for you.

Ready to try it for yourself?

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All The Details On Delta 8 Oral Strips

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