The Many Benefits of HempLucid Focus Gummies

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Focus Mushroom Gummies - Grape

Focus Mushroom Gummies - Grape

Jun 13, 2023

The Many Benefits of HempLucid Focus Gummies

Find your focus with Lion’s Mane mushrooms, CBG, + other natural ingredients to brighten your mind

Functional Mushroom Gummies to Improve Focus

Find a heightened sense of focus with Lion's Mane mushrooms, CBG, and other natural ingredients that brighten your mind, your mood, and can help to improve your mental performance.

Super-tasty Grape Focus Gummies from HempLucid contain cognitive-enhancing ingredients derived from nature.

As human beings, we're designed to use our energy to accomplish (whatever that means according to our own evaluation), and we find increased joy, meaning, and life satisfaction when we are in the process of getting things done.

Try HempLucid's Mushroom Gummies for Focus today, and we're confident you will experience heightened focus with our unique blend of all-natural ingredients.

Using Natural Ingredients to Increase Focus

An ongoing Adderall shortage in the United States has made it difficult for patients to get their medicine since October 2022. Supply has remained the same while demand has significantly increased, having serious impacts on the nationwide availability of the drug. This important medication helps many people manage attention deficit disorders. More than 40 million prescriptions for adderall were filled in 2022.

Real-life testimonials of Adderall withdrawal are harrowing. Symptoms may include restlessness, nightmares, insomnia, difficulty concentrating, depression, suicidality, immune issues, and more. The daily realities of a shortage are devastating for people who rely on Adderall to manage their daily lives. The effects of the shortage are also apparent in classrooms nationwide, seeing students unfortunately go without the medications that help them concentrate and succeed. This issue impacts teachers and other students, as well.

Such being the case, we wanted to offer up a few of nature's helpful solutions for focus. We know there is no substitute for your doctor-prescribed medication, but there are a few natural ingredients that may be able to offer a slight boost in focus, in case you're interested!

Increasing Focus to Improve Life

Focus is a superpower! That's not to say that there aren't other valuable superpowers, but the ability to stay focused and get a task accomplished is a useful skill for anybody, and a superpower in the right hands. Being able to focus and stay engaged amplifies and enhances our ability to get things done and perform well.

Focusing the mind is similar to focusing a camera. The mind is blurry, living in a world filled with many distractions–bright, flashing lights everywhere try to pull us away from our flow. Our consciousness gets blurred and disrupted by the noise. But sometimes we find ourselves fully engaged with a task or a fun project, and we accomplish quite a lot through this excited engagement. When we find our focus, everything in the world seems clearer. The details sharpen and we see details more clearly.

By supplementing focus and giving ourselves a mental boost with natural ingredients, we can increase our own feelings of success and productivity.

Lion's Mane Mushrooms support mental clarity, cognitive function and a balanced mood

Natural Ingredients that Increase Focus

HempLucid proudly presents Mushroom Gummies for Focus. These unique formulations contain expertly balanced, naturally-derived ingredients designed to increase focus and keep you performing at your best.

Lion's Mane mushroom: Lion's Mane mushrooms appear as shaggy clumps on the trunks of hardwood trees. The many spindles of this fungus contain a number of health-promoting substances that can support mental clarity, cognitive function, and a balanced mood.

Caffeine (from green coffee bean): Caffeine derived from a natural source gives each Focus Mushroom Gummy a little kick in the right direction. A 25mg boost of caffeine creativity wonderfully complements the other ingredients.

L-Tyrosine and L-Theanine: Popular compounds in nootropic and biohacking communities, these amino acids are found in many foods and are known to have brain-boosting benefits. Studies show positive results for memory and cognition with each of these ingredients. (Learn more)

Full-Spectrum Cannabidiol (CBD): A compound found in cannabis that has benefits for calm, relaxation, and well-being. CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system to produce homeostasis in the body. Full-spectrum CBD contains a variety of other cannabinoids that will have additional benefits. (Learn more)

Cannabigerol (CBG): CBG is the foundational cannabinoid, the first to originate in a growing cannabis plant. All other naturally-occurring cannabinoids begin as CBG. The effects of CBG are soothing and calming, but also energizing and mind-enhancing.

Our selection of ingredients combine together to create a delicious gummy that is phenomenally effective at giving your brain the little boost it needs to help you win the game of life.

Seeking A Flow State

Some days you wake up and the world seems to make sense. You have the right energy, the right mindset, the right motivation. It feels like the planets align to make it a great day–you feel refreshed and wonderful, and you set to work maximizing the potential of the day.

In the classic book The Inner Game of Tennis, author Timothy Gallwey contends that if one is going to become great at tennis, a specific mindset must be implemented. As a beginner, it's smart to study and learn certain theoretical principles of tennis, but as one advances, improvement really shows up when the game is played less in the head and more in the body. In a memorable quote, Gallwey writes that we play well when we are moving freely in our body and playing the game, "but then, calculation, which is to say miscalculation, sets in."

Our mind has a tendency to overthink in all of our daily tasks and routines, interfering with our focus. As routine-optimized creatures, we can achieve a flow-state by setting the right habits and continually flowing in a way that sustains and strengthens us without ever needing to think too much about it. Good habits free up our energy for other pursuits!

Try HempLucid Functional Mushroom Gummies Today–Worry-Free

James Clear, author of the terrific Atomic Habits, wrote, "Nearly any larger life goal can be transformed into a two-minute behavior."

Elon Musk once said, "If you give yourself 30 days to clean your home, it will take you 30 days. But if you give yourself 3 hours, it will take 3 hours."

By training our focus, over time, we can hopefully get enough good daily habits in place that we reach our fullest potential.

HempLucid's 30-day money-back guarantee ensures that you will be pleased with your purchase. We want to provide you with the very best that nature has to offer, and we proudly present Functional Mushroom Gummies for Focus as a way to boost your day.

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Suggested Products From The Article

Focus Mushroom Gummies - Grape

Focus Mushroom Gummies - Grape