Hemp Topical Lotion

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Hemp Topical Peppermint & Eucalyptus Lotion, 350 milligrams

Hemp Topical Peppermint & Eucalyptus Lotion, 350 milligrams

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Hemp Topical Cedarwood Lotion, 350 milligrams

Hemp Topical Cedarwood Lotion, 350 milligrams

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Only the Best

We ensure our products are made ethically and with the best ingredients.

Hemp Topical Lotion, 350 milligrams

Hemp Topical Lotion, 350 milligrams

Watch your cares melt away when you meet our hemp lotion, made with natural ingredients.

Unlike most products on the market, our lotion is more than skin deep. Made with natural ingredients (like essential oils), the compounds in this lotion also act as permeation enhancers. In other words, while it is topically applied, potential healing properties may actually sink deep into the skin.

Relaxing aromas of peppermint and eucalyptus are paired with down to earth ingredients like chamomile, peppermint, and even vitamin E. Our lotion goes beyond nourishing by also being:

  • Made with Organic Ingredients
  • USA Grown & Manufactured
  • Cruelty-Free

Trying to stay centered while traveling? No problem. Our lotion comes in a jar that is conveniently travel-sized, making it a perfect companion on any trip.

Order today — or even better, subscribe and save! Get 20% off throughout the lifetime of your subscription. Plus, sit back and relax while the hemp-infused items come to you.

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Why Choose HempLucid Lotion?

Our Hemp Lotion allows for targeted application of natural botanicals. High-quality hemp extract soothes the areas where you need it most.

Plus, permeation enhancers improve the activity of the lotion, promoting possible healing properties.

Add the benefits of hemp to your beauty, self-care, or workout routine today.

Made with Hemp Extracts

Hemp compounds work better together, creating what's called "the entourage effect".

We use a clean and efficient process called supercritical CO2 extraction to to produce pure hemp extracts with high concentrations of healing compounds. Experience the synergistic qualities of hemp by adding it to your routine today.

Always Third-Party Tested

Everything from our fields to the finished product is tested and retested to ensure we maintain the highest standards of potency and purity. Third-party test results (called Certificates of Analysis) are available to view at lucidlabs.hemplucid.com for every product batch.

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Suggested Use

There's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to hemp. Everyone is different and will require a unique amount to find their sweet spot. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you start using hemp-infused products.

  • Apply to areas of the skin where needed.
  • Use consistently to achieve best results and find your balance.
  • Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight.

In general, it's recommended to start with a small amount and work your way up — in other words, "start low and go slow".