Why Health Coach Liana Cardoso Uses CBD

Why Health Coach Liana Cardoso Uses CBD

Liana is a Health Coach based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. She got her online Health Coaching Certificate a couple of years ago and works every day to help her clients improve their health and fitness.  She is an avid CBD user and loves recommending Hemplucid products to her clients to help wind down after a workout.

“My name is Liana, I am an online health and fitness coach. I absolutely love health and fitness. Like I am definitely a health nut. Some things had happened in my life that really woke me up.  My mom had passed away, I was just very alone and very depressed and tired of feeling that way. Like I wanted so much more in life.  

Then I met this life coach and he basically told me, ‘you know it’s all in the food that you eat, and in the way you talk to yourself, all in the way you move your body,’ and it was the most pivotal moment in my life. I became so obsessed with the way that the gym made me feel, with exercise and yoga, all of it.  I lost a bunch of weight and the way it affected my relationships, my career and just feeling good all around, and decided I wanted that for everyone. Everyone should be able to have access to that. 

I went and got my health coaching certificate. I love my coaching. Like I'm absolutely obsessed with what I do. 

CBD is basically a calming effect for you, especially for sleep. It's good. It helps relax my body. It helps to soothe it.  My calls with the clients, if sleep is an issue, I do always suggest, you know, CBD oil at night. It isn't weed at all, it's more of just an organic plant form substance that’s really good for us. It’s kind of like a superfood in a way. 

I'm very grateful and blessed that I have my own business and grow. I am very driven and still think of my biggest hero as my mom.”

Find Liana on Instagram @fitfoodieliana and let her know if you are interested in enrolling in any of her health coaching classes! 

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