Man in hemp fields

Aug 25, 2017

We Are Hemplucid!

The whole HempLucid team presented at the World Vapor Expo 2017 in beautiful Miami, Florida. Conventions are the best because we get to meet our customers face to face, and we get to talk about CBD!

Last weekend the whole Hemplucid team presented at the World Vapor Expo 2017 in beautiful Miami, Florida. Conventions are the best because we get to meet our customers face to face, and we get to talk about CBD! We love CBD and we’re so grateful we get to hear all of the wonderful and inspiring stories from around the world. Everywhere we go CBD is changing people’s lives.

We were not the only CBD company at the Expo, but there was something noticeably different about our booth. There is an energy and enthusiasm surrounding our line of products that is wonderful. In an enormous convention center packed with people and a dense atmosphere of sweet-smelling vapor, the conversations at our booth were different than I heard going on anywhere else. We talked about real-life with our customers– their lives and ours.

All week I have been contemplating the many differences between Hemplucid and the other CBD companies at the convention, or even in the wider CBD industry. What makes our company and our product so special? Here are a few thoughts.

1) Hemplucid Uses a Whole-Plant Formulation In Our Products 

If CBD works well as an isolated compound, imagine how well it works in combination with the naturally occurring chemical formula found in the cannabis family of plants. Cannabinoids are biochemical compounds with nutritional value, compounds that can often be found elsewhere in nature, including foods like mangoes, black pepper, and chocolate. Unadulterated, the hemp plant provides these molecules at concentrations ideal to human health. Because we use extracts sourced from the whole plant, Hemplucid products have a therapeutic efficacy isolate CBD companies can only dream of.

2) Hemplucid Was the Only Company at the Expo Discussing Genetics 

If the “Green Revolution” in the Western United States has taught us anything, it is that genetics matter. Hemplucid is intimately familiar with the genetic strain our products are derived from, and we’re familiar with the soil our plants were grown in, and the waters they were nurtured with, and we know the farmers who lovingly cared for the harvests. We confidently celebrate the healing effects of a genetic strain that was developed by our team over nearly a decade.

3) Hemplucid Materials are Focused on Education 

We are very proud of our brand, and all the work that has gone into creating our company. Behind the brand, though, is a deep core philosophy of lucidity which lends substance to every decision that we make. Hemplucid is a leader in this new industry, and as such we have an enormous responsibility to be transparent in all our interactions and to continue to shift the narrative around cannabis culture. The nutritional value of our products is beyond reproach, and our transparency will help frame CBD and cannabis as effective tools that will greatly influence the future.

4) Our Products Change Minds 

When we present at a Vape Expo we have old friends approach us and tell us that they remember the first time they came into contact with our product, and they’ve been using it ever since, and “Oh my god it’s so great.”

It’s a wonderful thing. It happens everywhere we go.

The vast majority of the conversations I personally had at the Expo were about HEALTH. Imagine that– at a Vape Expo, the conversations I had were about the different ailments people suffer from, and how CBD has helped. It’s incredible to provide a product that actually helps our customers deal with the challenges in their lives.

Hemp is changing the world and Hemplucid is continually driving that change.

5) Our Product Is Clean, You Can See It!

Consider for a moment the amount of quality control required to confidently maintain clear bottles that showcase our lucid products. We choose not to hide impurities in amber-colored bottles. Over time we have analyzed every step of our manufacturing process and built clean practices into our production. Our product is always consistent, pure, delicious, and enlightening.

6) People are Genuinely Excited About Our Products 

Too often, we hear the story of somebody buying a CBD product from the internet, then when they test it they are disappointed with the results. This is somewhat harmful to the CBD industry, as people think that all CBD is the same.

It’s an amazing sight to witness somebody trying quality whole-plant CBD for the first time, and watching their eyes light up as they feel the onset. It’s not a high. It’s peace. A feeling of peace enters a person from their very core, and the mind-body connection that is established at that moment of realization is profound. They know it works because they feel it.

The same faces came back to our booth four, five, six, or seven times, all throughout the weekend-long expo. They came back with brilliant new questions. They came back to buy more. They brought friends and family with them. The enthusiasm they met us with, and the testimonials they gave, were so inspiring.

We’re thrilled that we have been able to create a brand that people enjoy, but at the end of the day, we know that the product itself speaks the loudest. We have produced the best whole-plant CBD extracts available, and when people feel them work, lives are changed, and as individual lives are changed, the whole world changes with them.