New Hemplucid USDA Organic CBD

New Hemplucid USDA Organic CBD

Hemplucid has always been committed to providing the best possible hemp-derived products, and we’re excited to announce the next step in that mission: USDA Certified Organic CBD. Alongside this update come several changes to Hemplucid product lines that will strengthen brand unity and ensure we continue to push the industry in the right direction. 

What’s Changing?

We’ve worked tirelessly to secure USDA organic certification, and with that certification comes a new evolution in Hemplucid products. Rest assured that these changes are being made in an effort to improve the premium hemp products you already know and love. 

The most significant change outside of USDA Organic certification is a rebranding of our Kalki and Roxy Pets CBD products. Having distinct product categories is important to us, however, there was a fair bit of confusion around whether or not Kalki and Roxy Pets were Hemplucid family products. With that in mind, we decided to bring the family closer together. More on that below!

Let’s take a quick look at each of our updated product lines, the new changes coming to each, and what to expect moving forward.

Hemplucid USDA Organic Full-Spectrum CBD

Hemplucid USDA Organic Full-Spectrum CBD

Made with the premium hemp genetics Hemplucid is known for, the most notable updates to our flagship Whole-Plant CBD products are new certifications and minor tweaks to our most popular product: Water Soluble CBD. 

Tinctures were our primary focus with this first wave of Organic certification. More products will be added as certifications are processed. 

Overview: Full-Spectrum CBD Tinctures

Here’s a quick overview of the changes to our full-spectrum CBD tinctures. 

USDA Organic Water Soluble
Our fastest-acting, beverage-enhancing sublingual tincture, now with updated USDA Certified Organic ingredients and a new 2000mg strength option. Another notable change is the use of organic sunflower lecithin as an emulsifier instead of the polysorbate 80 used in previous formulations.

USDA Organic MCT Oil
These updated USDA Organic tinctures are made with two simple ingredients: organic fractionated coconut oil and organic full-spectrum CBD oil. 

USDA Organic Hemp Seed Oil
A simple and flavorful blend of organic cold-pressed hemp seed oil and organic full-spectrum CBD oil. This is a tincture for the hemp purist. 

Hemplucid Zero USDA Organic Broad-Spectrum CBD

Hemplucid Zero Broad-Spectrum CBD

Kalki is being rebranded and welcomed into the Hemplucid family with a new name: Hemplucid Zero. This USDA Organic product line is a direct replacement of our current Kalki tinctures that trades IsoTerp CBD (CBD isolate + terpenes) for USDA Organic broad-spectrum CBD with non-detectable traces of THC. 

These are big changes, both in name and hemp extract. However, as believers in the combined power of hemp-derived cannabinoids, we’re confident this product evolution will become a new favorite for Kalki fans. 

Like our full-spectrum line, we’re starting this transition with the tinctures and will apply similar changes to our Kalki Menthol Rub and Gummies moving forward. 

Overview: Hemplucid Zero CBD Tinctures

Here’s a quick overview of the changes coming with Hemplucid Zero. 

Hemplucid Zero CBD in MCT Oil
Hemplucid Zero USDA Organic CBD in MCT Oil is replacing our current Kalki MCT Oil tinctures. This formulation features organic fractionated coconut oil and organic broad-spectrum CBD oil. Plus, we’re releasing a new 2000mg strength with the Hemplucid Zero debut. 

Hemplucid Zero Water Soluble
A fast-acting sublingual tincture that mixes well with water and other beverages. Made with organic vegetable glycerin, organic broad-spectrum CBD, organic sunflower lecithin, and enhanced with our nano electrolyte blend.

Hemplucid Pets USDA Organic Full-Spectrum CBD

Hemplucid Pets CBD
We’re in the process of phasing out the Roxy Pets product line and will launch Hemplucid Pets with similar Chicken and Fish flavored full-spectrum CBD tinctures for pets. At the time of launch, only the Chicken flavor formulation is USDA Certified Organic. We will continue to explore certification options for Hemplucid Pets CBD in Fish Oil. We look forward to expanding the Hemplucid Pets product line with new offerings in the future. 

Overview: Hemplucid Pets CBD Tinctures

Here’s a quick overview of the changes coming with Hemplucid Pets. 

Hemplucid Pets USDA Organic CBD Chicken Flavor
USDA organic and, despite the “Chicken” flavor, certified vegan. Made with Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Chicken Flavor, Organic Hemp Cannabidiol (CBD) Full Spectrum Oil, and Bacon Flavor. Great for dogs, cats, and other small to medium household pets.

Hemplucid Pets Organic CBD in Fish Oil
This tincture features two simple ingredients: organic full-spectrum CBD oil and fish oil. Beyond the name, this tincture is virtually identical to our current Roxy Pets Fish tincture. 

What’s Next?

The launch of USDA Certified Organic products is the beginning of something even greater. We look forward to expanding our product offerings and exploring new and improved ways to embrace plant-based wellness options in the near future. 

USDA Organic CBD Now Available!

Shop our selection of USDA Organic CBD or drop by a Hemplucid reseller near you. 


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