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Feb 27, 2018

The Hemplucid Difference

There are many companies selling CBD. HempLucid stands alone in our passion for our products and the hemp that they come from. Learn about what makes HempLucid different.

Hemplucid Is Passionate About CBD

For us, Hemplucid is not just a job and not just a company. This is part of a historic movement, much bigger than just us.

Is that an exaggeration? No. We don’t think so.

We’re riding this wave as it rolls over the country and across the earth.

We love our products, and we have a lot of respect for the hemp industry. There are several good companies out there, doing the right things for the right reasons, and we praise their efforts.

You have many options available if you want to buy CBD oil. We’re grateful that Hemplucid products have struck a chord with people. Our oils have natural value for human beings because we allow nature to simply do what it does. Nature knows! There’s no need for us to interfere.

Hemplucid strives to continue the work of nature in the human world.

Our customers come back because they know that what we consistently provide pure and effective cannabidiol (CBD) products.

15 Reasons Hemplucid Is Different

1. Genetically Superior

After nearly a decade of scrupulous selective breeding, we have developed a hemp strain with robust cannabinoid content.

2. Whole-Plant CBD

Hemlucid utilizes the whole hemp plant, keeping the rich terpenes, secondary cannabinoids, and fatty acids intact. The complex hemp plant produces a synergistic effect in humans, known as the “entourage effect”,  

3. CBD-Rich Products

Higher CBD concentrations within our plants allow for more pristine initial extractions, enhancing potency and efficacy.

4. Secondary Cannabinoids

These naturally occurring compounds address specific deficiencies and imbalances in the neurochemistry of the body.

5. Terpene-Rich Products

These health-promoting organic compounds are found throughout nature, in both plants and animals. Hemplucid utilizes soft extraction methods which leave flavorful terpene profiles intact.

6. Less Than 0.3% THC

Using the legal limits of THC to stimulate the endocannabinoid system increases the absorption of other cannabinoids without causing psychoactive effects.

7. Synergistic Effect

Cannabinoids, terpenes, fatty acids, and other phytonutrients interact and collectively enhance the therapeutic properties of CBD.

8. Quality Ingredients

We carefully select our ingredients and have strict quality control standards. Our source materials are pesticide-free, contain no trans-fats or artificial additives, and are always third-party tested.

9. Nothing Artificial

Hemplucid takes a simple approach to ingredients. We have no use for anything artificial. Our products are exactly as nature provided.

10. No Intoxicating Effects

Our source hemp only contains trace amounts of THC, so the “high” typically associated with marijuana is not possible to achieve using our extracts.

11. 50 State Legal

CBD currently enjoys 50 state legality, with hemp-friendly circuit court rulings and legislation offering sufficient legal precedent for the industry to continue booming.

12. Safe Extraction

Subcritical CO2 extraction is free of solvents, resulting in higher quality oil, and leaving terpene profiles intact and full of flavor.

13. Nano Technology

Nano nutrients within our products promote rapid metabolism. Due to their tiny size, these nutrients travel quickly and effectively to the bloodstream, rapidly absorbing into the cells.

14. Multi-Step Bonding

Our CBD is bonded to organic vegetable glycerin, accentuating the natural smell and taste of our products.

15. U.S.A. Product

Each step of Hemplucid’s farming and manufacturing occurs in the United States.

We hope that you will feel free to reach out to us and ask us anything you want to ask. This is an exhilarating mission and we want you to share our passion.

Dedicated To Our Customers

Hemplucid’s family of brands are committed to bringing you the best quality CBD that Mother Nature has to offer. We frown on synthetic CBDs and the use of herbicides and pesticides. We promise you that we will never compromise the quality of our product.