Sparkling CBD Watermelon Mint Smoothie Recipe

Sparkling CBD Watermelon Mint Smoothie Recipe

Looking for new ways to freshen up your daily serving of CBD? This sparkling CBD watermelon mint smoothie is a mid to late summer favorite of ours and serves up to three people. Grab a blender, line up some glasses, and let's get pouring.

Get Lost in Watermelon Bliss

This sparkling CBD watermelon smoothie recipe is simple and requires very little prep work. It's the perfect beverage for winding down after a long day. And as with all of our recipes, we encourage experimentation. Add, subtract, or multiply ingredients to your heart's content. 

Here's what you'll need:

  • 2 cups of watermelon (cubed)
  • 1½ cups of sparkling water (or Sprite, etc.)
  • 3 mint leaves
  • Hemplucid Water Soluble CBD (we use 3 droppers)


You already know where this is going, but we'll add it anyway. Put everything in a blender and let it rip! Pour over ice, garnish with mint, and feel the watermelon goodness flow through you. 

Like to think while you drink? We've listed a few little-known fun facts about watermelon below. 

Dropping mint leaves into blender full of watermelon

Our Top 5 Favorite Watermelon Facts

Watermelon is a summertime staple you'll find in most fruit trays or fruit salads (and the reason your child now has a sticky pink Rorschach inkblot stain on their brand new white shirt). We see watermelon all the time and don't think much about it. Here are a few fun facts that might change the way you look at watermelon.

1. Both a Fruit and Vegetable

Watermelon is a member of the gourd family alongside squash and pumpkins, and is technically both a fruit and vegetable. The interior fruit is used as a sweetener or as a side dish, and the exterior can be used as a vegetable—stir fried, stewed, or pickled. It's your call!

2. Seedless Melons are Non GMO

Theres a rumor out there that seedless watermelons are a product of genetic engineering. And while we're sure that's possible, the likely reason is through a natural process called hybridization. There's no need to crunch your way through those seeds, unless you really want to. 

3. Early Explorers Used Watermelons as Canteens

It's in the name! Watermelons are over 90% water to begin with, and early explorers used hollowed out melons to carry water supplies during their travels. 

4. There are Hundreds of Watermelon Varieties 

Most markets only offer one or two types of watermelon, but there's a whole wild world of watermelons out there. Globally, there are at least 200 watermelon varieties. However, only around 50 of them are regularly enjoyed by humans. 

5. The First Recorded Watermelon Harvest was 5000 Years Ago

Ancient Egyptians give us the first record of a watermelon harvest depicted in hieroglyphs over 5000 years ago. Watermelons were placed in the burial tombs of Egyptian kings to nourish them in the afterlife. 

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