Pro Boxing & CBD - Ash Hayes

Pro Boxing & CBD - Ash Hayes

Ash Hayes is a professional boxer who uses CBD body creams to relax and recover after grueling training sessions and intense fights. Though it wasn’t her initial plan, boxing is now an integral part of Ash’s life. She fell in love with it and hasn’t been able to stop. 

Check out Ash's video to learn more about her journey into the sport of boxing and why she recommends Hemplucid CBD. 


Boxing & CBD - Video Transcript


Honestly, I never thought I would be in this position ever. It was never like a lifelong dream or anything like that. I fell into it and then fell in love with it and haven't been able to stop. 

So my name is Ash. I was extremely overweight. I topped out at 280 pounds and needed something to help me get motivated. Thanks to Joe, I’ve been able to grow in ways that I wouldn't have been able to, without someone who believed in me and pushes me.


My name is Joe. I'm a boxing trainer. I was also a professional fighter. I’ve boxed since I was seven years old.


We heard about Hemplucid. We sat on it for a while, where it was like, Oh, that's another CBD product. Then the more we tried it, then we were like, this is, you know, this is something we could truly get behind. The first thing I noticed was the calming.


You have to have sleep, or you'll never be able to put in three, four hours of training. You need every advantage that you can get. And this product gives you that advantage.


The MCT oil. I will take that with my vitamins right after a workout. And it helps me be able to bounce back quicker.


It's easy to stand behind a product that works.


Yeah. It's natural. Anyone can benefit from it. Everyone can, it's never too late. You're never too old. You're never too overweight. And you can always do something about all of those things.


Need help winding down after a training or workout session? Browse Hemplucid CBD gummies, body cream, and more on our shop page. Check out Ash and follow her journey online! You can find Ash @the_basher_86 and her trainer Joe @joebish12 on Instagram.

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