Partnering with the Frank Cordova Foundation

Nov 25, 2021

Partnering with the Frank Cordova Foundation

Frank Cordova was a longtime activist and a pillar of the community. Together, we can continue his legacy and make a difference in the lives of these families in need.

As of 2019, it was estimated that 8.8% of families in Utah are living in poverty. This makes it difficult for them to provide things for their families, such as food. It is especially true for Thanksgiving dinner.

In 1999, Frank Cordova met a young boy who moved him with his story of having no turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. Frank decided to get one for the boy's family Thanksgiving.

When Frank Cordova passed away in 2013, a foundation was established in his name. Now, the Frank Cordova Foundation continues his legacy and continues the turkey drive each year. They provide turkeys to those families in need, just as Frank did.


Hemplucid is looking forward to working with the Frank Cordova Foundation this year.

We believe that they are doing great things for their community, and we love being a part of such a worthy cause.

Our company believes that it is important to do what we can for our communities. Without community, life can feel like less. It's only by coming together as a community to support each other that we can thrive, not just survive.

This year, the foundation is expanding their goal from 6 schools to 8 schools, and they are hoping to be able to provide 2,000 turkeys.

"Here at the Frank Cordova Foundation we are excited to work with the Hemplucid Company and staff to develop a lasting relationship in our partnership and to share our vision will provide healing products and resources to those less fortunate.

Our efforts united will ensure that my father's legacy lives on by helping people of all backgrounds, age groups, monetary stature and race.

“Keep the Faith, Keep Hope Alive and Viva La Raza!” is the legacy my father left us. Let us strive to live by it every day."

Gregorio Cordova
Board of Trustees, Son of Frank Cordova


They can't reach these goals without help from the community, though.

At Hemplucid, we are excited to have the chance to help this wonderful organization.

Learn more about the Frank Cordova Foundation by visiting