Olympic Snowboarder Faye Gulini & CBD

Olympic Snowboarder Faye Gulini & CBD

Professional snowboarder Faye Gulini grew up on the snow-capped slopes of Utah. She’s a three-time Olympian and has traveled the world to compete with the best of the best. Faye uses hemp-derived CBD for smoother recovery between sessions and to help her rest up while hopping timezones across the globe. Check out this video to learn more about Faye and why she chooses Hemplucid. 

Faye Gulini - Transcript

“Hi, my name is Faye Gulini. I am a three-time winter Olympic snowboarder. We're here at Snowbird today. I'm very excited to get on the slopes. 

[I’ve been] snowboarding since I was eight years old, built and built and built, and then all of a sudden, you know, 17 years old and then competing in the Olympics. So I was competing on the national team for 11. This is my 11th season. 

I've always really liked CBD. It's a product that any athlete can use and not have any negative side effects. I like Hemplucid more than other brands. I like the flavor that everything's all-natural and that it's super good for recovery and rest and, you know, traveling and switching all these different time zones. 

I would absolutely recommend CBD to fellow athletes. Everyone should use it.”

Keep up with Faye Gulini and follow her snowboarding career on Instagram @fayegulini

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