A Look Into Lucid Impact - The Frank Cordova Foundation

A Look Into Lucid Impact - The Frank Cordova Foundation

Wondering what corporate responsibility means? Now more than ever, it's important to find a company giving back. So, what has Hemplucid been doing to get in on the action?

When it comes to corporate responsibility, you want a company that feels passionate about helping their local community. Our Lucid Impact program summarizes our feelings about contributing to the community well — we want to "Be The Change". This year, our partnership with the Frank Cordova Foundation made the Thanksgiving season even more of a blessing.

Read on to answer questions like "what are corporate responsibility programs" and "how does your company give back to the community?"

What Is Corporate Responsibility And Why Is It Important?

The success of a business shouldn't just be measured in sales. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is typically a company-wide initiative or program that encourages some sort of social, ethical, philanthropic, or environmental effort. 

CSR programs encourage employees to give back to the community, whether in the form of employee donations, service projects, or some sort of match program to support local charities. 

At Hemplucid, our business practice revolves around allowing people to Experience Life Again. Our CSR initiatives echo the same message. You can learn more about how we strive to make a positive impact year-round by visiting our Lucid Impact page.

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Hemplucid employees deliver turkeys to families in need for Thanksgiving

Hemplucid CEO Chase Hudson and CFO Mike May helping to deliver turkeys to families in need for Thanksgiving.

What Is the Frank Cordova Foundation?

The story that paved the path for the Frank Cordova Foundation is quite a moving one. Back in 1999 right before Thanksgiving break, Frank Cordova was picking his wife up from the school where she worked. He was making conversation with a young boy while he waited.

When he asked the boy if he was excited to eat turkey, the boy told Frank that his family wasn't able to afford a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. Touched by this young boy's tale, Frank donated a turkey to his family that year for Thanksgiving. However, this story went on to have an even bigger impact.

Frank Cordova went on to start the annual Latino Community Turkey Drive, which seeks to provide low-income families with free turkeys for a Thanksgiving holiday dinner. Turkeys and resources are gathered from the Salt Lake and Utah counties, and then turkeys are distributed through select Title I (low-income) schools to families who need them the week leading up to Thanksgiving.

In 2013, after Frank Cordova passed, his family continued his legacy by founding The Frank Cordova Foundation. This past year, the Frank Cordova Foundation increased the number of schools they were providing to from six to eight with a goal of providing 2,000 turkeys

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How Hemplucid Is Making A Difference

What good is gratitude if we don't put it into action? At Hemplucid, we strive to make meaningful relationships. When we reached out to Gregorio Cordova (Frank Cordova's son and a board member of the foundation), we were thrilled to hear that "working with Hemplucid this year is a game changer for us."

This year, we were able to help provide for 1,325 turkeys donated to families in need.

Hemplucid partnered with The Frank Cordova Foundation (FCF) with the intention of fostering opportunities in the future. As our CFO Mike May has said, "This is not only a partnership for now."

There are big plans for the future of FCF — possibly moving beyond turkeys and food to providing supplies like clothes and even shelter. Resources like that can help be the catalyst for those in difficult circumstances by helping them into a stage of life where they can thrive. It sounds like turkeys are just the start, and we are excited to be a part of building futures with the FCF.

Hemplucid employees were happy to participate in the turkey delivery this year, where we were able to help donate turkeys provided in part because of donations made through Hemplucid.com.

A Final Word On The Frank Cordova Foundation

As mentioned above, Hemplucid's partnership with The Frank Cordova Foundation is not a one-time event. Hemplucid hopes to support this impactful program in not only providing turkeys, but making Thanksgiving holidays (and lives in general) look a little brighter. We are excited to be part of their philanthropic efforts, not only in this holiday season but into the future as well. 

Check back soon to see what other corporate social responsibility programs are happening! 

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