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Dec 05, 2018

CBD vs THC – Understanding Key Differences

CBD and THC are two major compounds found in the cannabis plant family. Get a better understanding of the key differences between these two cannabinoids.

CBD and THC are two different compounds found in the cannabis plant family. Learn the difference between CBD vs THC.

Do you know the difference between CBD vs. THC?

Do they both get you high?

Let’s talk about some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the difference between these two components of the plant.

What’s the Main Difference Between CBD vs. THC?

If you’re looking for a one and done answer, THC is a component that can create a “high” effect. CBD is non-intoxicating and will not. Regardless, they both come from the same plant, Cannabis sativa.

CBD (cannabidiol) products are made using industrial hemp plants.

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is found in higher concentrations in “marijuana” plants.

But, wait, didn’t we say that they come from the same plant? Technically, yes, but the way growers cultivate cannabis plants can alter their properties and uses. The difference between the two is the chemical composition, primarily the amount of THC found in the plant.

Hemp growers cultivate the plant outdoors for use in CBD oil, beauty and skin products, as well as paper and jewelry.

Growers cultivate industrial hemp to contain far less THC. To legally grow in the United States, hemp must have less than 0.3% THC. However, most growers cultivate cannabis plants with high THC indoors. This cultivation process helps enhance the plant’s THC content.

THC, in short, gets you high and provides the traditional intoxicating properties of marijuana.

CBD won’t get you high, but it does have similar properties that can promote wellness in the body.

Why Use CBD Products?

So why would people take CBD oil if it doesn’t get them high?

CBD is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid that can provide a sense of balance and wellbeing.

CBD is available for use in many forms. It can also be added to foods, gummies, and other edible products.

What About THC?

THC is also known for its potential benefits, and doctors have even started prescribing it in some areas.

Users should be aware that THC can make the user “high,” something that some people want and others do not. If you’re not comfortable with this feeling, or you live in a restricted area, THC may not be for you.

Are There Side Effects to CBD or THC?

CBD has few known side effects on its own, but it’s a good idea to keep potential interactions with medications in mind. If you’re concerned, speak to a physician about the medications you’re taking and ask if CBD might cause an interaction.

THC does have side effects, but they are temporary. They wear off as soon as the THC leaves your system. The side effects can include coordination issues, increased hunger, red eyes, dry mouth, increased heart rate, and slow reaction times.

Neither CBD nor THC can be fatal, and you cannot overdose.

Where Can I Get CBD?

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