Plan To Save On CBD For Black Friday (Free Calendar!)

Nov 10, 2021

Plan To Save On CBD For Black Friday (Free Calendar!)

Bring on the Black Friday CBD oil deals! The best CBD Black Friday deals can be found here. Do you know how to save on CBD for Black Friday?

Bring on the Black Friday CBD oil deals! The best CBD Black Friday deals can be found here. Do you know how to save on CBD for Black Friday?

From Black Friday CBD oil discounts to pet treats and more, plan to save soon. Don't forget to download a free calendar to keep up with all the awesome deals happening. Savings start November 14

Read on to find out how to get involved in our sales this season, including our CBD gummies Black Friday sale. 

CBD Promo Black Friday

CBD products can get a bit pricey. We do our best to keep CBD both high-quality and affordable, and our holiday sales may just be the best time to shop! It's certainly a time to save on some of your favorite CBD products. 

If you download the free calendar below, you'll get a complete look at all the Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday events! Click the button below to begin your free download

Download Free Calendar

Sale Details (Save Big!)

Black Friday Calendar Available

So, how do you save big before, during, and after Black Friday? The calendar linked above can help you keep track of our four big events during November: 

  1. The 12 Days of CBD (November 14- 25)
  2. Black Friday (November 26-28)
  3. Cyber Monday (November 29)
  4. Giving Tuesday (November 30)

Here are some of our promotions to know about. 

The 12 Days of CBD

Look out for an email from Hemplucid on Day 1. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter on (of before) November 14 so you can opt-in for SMS reminders of the CBD sales each day! 

You can sign up by scrolling to the bottom of the blog page or the bottom of most pages on the Hemplucid site. Our promotions this year are like never before. Sign up so you don't miss our daily updates

The calendar linked above contains all the details of our Black Friday sale, but here is an overview of some products that will be discounted during this seasonal promotion: 

  • THC-free 
  • Topicals 
  • MCT 
  • Pet
  • Mint & Menthol 
  • Gummies
  • D8 THC 
  • Tinctures/Oils 

...and more!! Stay tuned for an unparalleled Black Friday promotion (our "Secret Sale") happening from November 26-29. You won't want to miss it! 

Check the calendar for an easy overview of all the Black Friday sales. Keep it somewhere you'll see it during our discounts (November 14-30), like on the front of the fridge or bathroom mirror. 

Cyber Monday 

Shop online

We are extending our super “secret sale” through Cyber Monday. Plus, there will be an unbelievable deal we just can't wait to tell you about. All we can say right now is that our most popular products will be available in a rare package. 

Giving Tuesday

We will be donating 5% of sales to Save A Brain starting November 30 through December 3. The Hemplucid team is so grateful to partner with this special non-profit organization, and we feel they share a lot of our values and goals for making the world a healthier place

Stay tuned for a blog soon about our partnership with this incredible organization, coming soon! 

The Bottom Line On Black Friday Deals

Our Black Friday discounts actually begin the week before Black Friday! Download your free calendar, and don't miss our unprecedented discounts. Get the best deals on CBD starting November 14, and enjoy the potential benefits year-round.

Start Saving