Woman doing yoga pose in salt flats

Jan 17, 2018

CBD and Yoga for the Body

HempLucid believes in the philosophy of Yoga. HempLucid encourages you to seek a deeper and more meaningful connection with the mind, body, and spirit.

“My favorite to use is the water soluble and the body butter. The water soluble kicks in right as I’m about to start a practice. The body butter takes a little longer, but has helped to target specific areas. I can literally feel it relaxing my body and mind more. I’ve become more body aware as I have been using Hemplucid’s product. CBD has enhanced my overall wellbeing. My life truly has changed because of this product."

Julia Waterman


Helpful Qualities of Hemp CBD

Hemp-derived CBD has helpful qualities that can enhance daily life for just about anybody, even elite athletes.

Hemp is an incredible health food.

Health-conscious people are using Hemplucid CBD products to enhance their workouts, feeling increased energy and agility.

“To believe in something and not to live it is dishonest.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Hemplucid believes in the philosophy of Yoga. The unifying element behind yoga is that the practitioner seeks a deeper and more meaningful connection with mind, body, and spirit. Yoga is intended as a method of increasing balanceinner strength, and flexibility.

Yoga is a non-competitive sport. The deeply personal benefits of practicing yoga can transform the experience of life.

Anybody can do yoga, though it takes an incredible amount of work to master certain postures. The journey toward mastery is well worth the effort.

Hemp CBD products and yoga together create enhanced feelings of peace and meditative insight. Allowing ourselves space and time to breathe and stretch can trigger profound feelings, and teach us a lot about ourselves.

Yoga and CBD Benefits

  • Enhanced connection with Self
  • Improve meditative practice
  • Promotes valuable strength
  • Lasts throughout daily life

CBD can improve a sense of well-being and homeostasis.