Broad Spectrum CBD Gummy Cubes: A Better You. Daily.

Broad Spectrum CBD Gummy Cubes: A Better You. Daily.

CBD gummies are all the craze lately. Which CBD edibles are the best? What about CBD gummies dosage? With so many questions, you're probably wondering what the best CBD gummies are for you.

Our new broad spectrum CBD gummy cubes might just change your life. With easy, pre-measured portions, our CBD edibles make it way easier to pave the path to a better you, daily.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about our new broad-spectrum CBD gummy cubes and decide if they are for you!

Why Try Broad-Spectrum CBD Gummies?

Why Try Broad-Spectrum CBD Gummies? 

Gummy cube supplements can be an incredibly easy way to integrate wellness into your daily routine. Capsules, pills, tablets, and other forms of supplements can be great, but nobody loves the smell or aftertaste of fish or hemp oil that may linger.

CBD gummy cubes mask the classic taste of hemp extract by pairing it with a tasty, sweet companion. With just one gram of added sugars, our CBD cubes are focused on the potential health benefits but don't compromise on flavor.

The Potential Benefits of CBD Gummies

The Potential Benefits of CBD Gummies 

Studies on CBD gummies are limited, so the potential benefits of edibles are generally based on CBD oil research. So far, we rely mostly on the available research and people's personal experiences to tell us what CBD gummies can do for you. 

Take our full-spectrum gummies for example -- they have mostly 5-star reviews. Verified buyers say things like:

  • "Really helps relax at night."
  • "Best gummy in the industry"
  • "Taste good and I find I feel better overall when I take them"
  • "One in morning helps my whole day!!"

When creating our broad spectrum gummies, we held ourselves to the same standards. Each gummy contains a broad spectrum of cannabinoids in a bite-size package. This helps to create an entourage effect where a wider variety of benefits becomes possible.

Essentially, this means your body has a higher likelihood of receiving the benefits from CBD and related hemp extracts. Among the reported benefits possible, you may experience:

  • Improved endocannabinoid system (ECS) health 
  • Improved sense of calm, energy, or balance
  • Improved mood
  • Reduced stress
  • Increased relaxation
  • Increased focus

The ultimate goal we hope our broad spectrum gummies help you to achieve is creating "A Better You. Daily."

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Finding The Right CBD Gummies Dosage For You

Each of our broad spectrum CBD gummy cubes contains 25 mg CBD. The container also reads 750 mg -- this is the total amount of CBD in the container.

For beginners, 25 mg per serving (gummy) is a great strength to start with. It is a subtle strength, offering enough CBD to produce the possible positive effects without throwing your body out of balance.

Some people are extra sensitive to THC, and with a broad spectrum gummy you won't have to worry about that. If you are worried about taking too much, try starting off with half of a gummy cube and work your way up from there!

At Hemplucid, we always advocate for starting small and working your way up to what is good for you!

Finding The Right CBD Gummies Dosage For You

The Bottom Line On Broad Spectrum Gummies

Broad spectrum CBD gummies are great for creating "A Better You. Daily." Gummies are great-tasting, and a perfect way for beginner CBD users to get started. Order now to start experiencing life again! 

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