7 Tips to Living Healthy

7 Tips to Living Healthy

Humans (you and me) are constantly looking for a quick, as-seen-on-TV solution to healthy living. Each year more and more money is spent trying to find that holy grail or the fountain of youth.

$2 Trillion a Year Spent

I was blown away when I did a quick online search and found that over $2 trillion dollars are spent each year in the combined markets of self-improvement, makeup, weight loss, fitness, and cosmetic surgery to achieve a healthy, happy lifestyle. TWO TRILLION! All in search of living healthy.

These markets prey upon the insecurities of the masses.

To put this into perspective, every US adult must spend, on average, $9,000+ a year to feel better about themselves while trying to achieve the ability to live healthily.

We eagerly spend our money to “improve” ourselves, turning our social followers into our approval barometer, needing that thumbs up. Scanning our social media, we realize we still aren’t as happy or as beautiful as @perfectlife743.

After all, is said and done we find ourselves in major debt and still have to pay for the upcoming tummy tuck and cruise we so desperately need to get that perfect Instagram post.

This worldly approach to achieving a healthy happy lifestyle is a vicious cycle that tears us down rather than builds us up.

Here are 7 tips to help live healthy while keeping money in your pocket. Best of all no credit card is needed. However, if you want to spend money on something of worth, this website also sells hemp CBD

1. Hopeful – Keep Your Head Up

The first step to living healthy is hope. The worst thing you can do is worry. To worry is to bet against yourself.

The future is nothing but imagination. It has not happened yet. Stop wasting loads of time and energy worrying about imaginary things.  

Since the future is nothing more than your imagination, try imagining the best. Fill your present with good thoughts of future outcomes.

If times are hard. They will pass. Stay hopeful. Life is like the weather, wait a while and it will eventually change.

If your head is constantly weighed down, looking at the ground with worry, how can you see the good things on the horizon? Stay positive! There is opportunity all around you. Be ready for it.

2. Evolve – Make Daily Improvements

Next, on our path to living healthy, you must be able to evolve. Becoming stagnant in life quickly wears on a person.

You know what I mean…you get up in the morning, eat breakfast, go to work, come home, do errands, binge-watch a Netflix series, review social media, try to sleep, and repeat. Living a mundane rut that takes you absolutely nowhere.

Discovering you are achieving nothing and the dreams of your youth seem out of reach. So you grab something a little closer, like that Ben and Jerry’s ‘AMERICONE DREAM’ you have in the refrigerator. (Don’t you dare click that link) Ahhh, yes that’s the ticket… to self-loathing.

Before you reach the bottom of that pint of goodness, STOP!

It is never too late to set goals.

Remember you are out of practice, so ease into new habits. Don’t go all ‘Gung-Ho’. (No, that is not another Ben and Jerry’s flavor. Should be though).

Slowly move toward the goal. Nothing big. Baby steps. YOU NEED to feel SUCCESS.

Lofty goals seem to backfire, intimidating you back to the couch you just stood from, with the TV remote at the ready, and this time, 2 pints of ‘Cherry Garcia’.

Pick a fun, achievable goal that will add value to your life.

Pick a book to read, walk around the block every night, learn how to tie a bow tie. Just do something that you have wanted to do and enjoy it.

Once you start accomplishing little goals you will feel success. The more successful you feel, the more you will want to do. It becomes addictive.

3. Love – Even Those You Hate

One of the hardest things for people to do is let down their guard. Letting people experience the real you give them an opportunity to hurt you.

We have all been hurt. Some more than others.

But to love freely is amazing. The ability to love unconditionally provides greater health benefits than anything a person can do.

Think of a person you hate? WAIT….Stop…I said one. Within that brief second, you came up with five or more people, along with their names, rank and serial number.

These people have caused you so much pain you find yourself constantly talking about them and thinking about them and how they wronged you. You dream of revenge and already have your alibi established. It is exhausting. Debilitating. This feeling is literally killing you.

As my friend Elsa sings ‘Let it go, Let it go’. It is time to do just that! I am not saying hang out with them or build a snowman with them….Just love them for the imperfect creatures they are. Let your hatred go. It is not affecting them and it is destroying you.

4. Agreeable – Don’t Be Offended

Being quickly offended is a sign that you lack confidence.

Before you react to an offense take a moment and ask yourself ‘Why am I offended?’ By adding this extra second to your life you will be amazed at what it will do.  

When we are offended we usually quickly react, escalate, and regret, leaving us with residual sorrow and embarrassment.

Take time and listen to people. If you are unsure of something they meant, ask questions. Be open-minded and consider if there might be truth to what they said. If they are really just looking to ruin your day… walk away. But never react! Always act with purpose.

5. Truthful – Never Hide

Know who you are and never be ashamed. If you are ashamed, there is a good chance you need to stop doing what you are doing.

Learn how to own your actions! Don’t do things just to fit in. Discover you and do you! It is really that simple.

If you are in a business meeting and someone says something you do not understand. Don’t just sit there nodding your head. Raise your hand and say ‘I don’t understand what you said, can you clarify?’ This is so liberating.

If you don’t want to go to a party, don’t make excuses. Simply say ‘I just don’t really want to go.’

Most unhappy people work so hard to hide who they are or to try to fit in with people they hate. They are constantly looking over their shoulder fearful that someone is going to point them out as the fraud they are.

Don’t be ashamed of who you are. Become aware of your talents and your pitfalls. The world tells you to hide your imperfections. To be healthy you must embrace them. Make them known. Stand proud of the achievements you have, and excited about the challenges that you will overcome.

This is the only way to personal freedom, and it is amazing.

6. Helpful – Focus on Others

Stop focusing on your ‘poor life’.

Hard times come on all of us. When we focus on our own lives, we lose perspective.

When these feelings hit, it’s time to look outside ourselves and start helping others. This instantly changes your outlook.

You don’t have to cure world hunger or give a kidney. Small daily efforts make a huge difference.

Instead of leaving your grocery cart by your car, walk it to its proper location and pick up some other carts on your way. Make life easier for somebody!

Instead of grabbing one Burger King meal, grab two and find someone to give it to.

Instead of listening to music in the car, call someone and just visit with them. Not about your life but about theirs.

These might sound stupid but it gets you out of yourself, allowing you to see and share the goodness that is all around you.

7. Youthful – Laugh, Play, Be Silly

Stop thinking you’re old. For a moment, stop doing grown-up things. Leave the bills for a minute and get on the ground and play with your kids. Go to the store and get a giant twisted ice cream.

Remember “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. The Shining proved that this type of life does not turn out good for anyone.

Whatever it is, just do it and remember that you are still young, no matter how old you are.

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